jane fonda had to remind joy behar that they are white and need to sit back for blm

i’m gonna say a controversial statement:

Not all white folks are evil.

not all white folks want to see the destruction of blacks.
many realize their privilege and use it when fighting for equality.
there was a story of how marilyn monroe helped ella fitzgerald book a particular club gig.
she called the owners and told them to hire ella for a week and she’d sit front row every night.
( x read that here )
jane fonda is out here doing her thing with her privilege.

she appeared on “the view” today and had joy behar stuttering.
jane was asked about defunding the police,
where joy thinks is problematic,
and well…

“well you and are white and this is a moment in history where we have to sit back and take our cues from movement from black lives.
its their turn to decide what they do,
how they do,
and what they name it.”

joy’s soul:

jane is 82 and has no fucks to give.
she even aligned with the black panthers back in the day.
i appreciate her fighting the good fight.
we definitely can’t fight this alone and need alliances in order to make change.
white folks need to realize black folks have suffered in this country.
we have been through a lot.
i’m tired of some white folks being so clueless about black lives and the effects of their privilege.
so when you see jane out here trying to make change,
as well as others out here protesting,
it’s very inspiring and provides hope for the future.
we need more of this and less “karens” getting upset over wearing a mask.
see more of her interview on “the view” here:

x read more about jane’s activism here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “jane fonda had to remind joy behar that they are white and need to sit back for blm”

  1. She has always challenged the white establishment openly. It’s a wonder they haven’t tried to take Jane Fonda out. She never had a fuck to give and I’m not surprised. Keep fighting Jane. As long as she has our back, I got hers.

    1. they tried to. remember “Hanoi Jane”? she went to Vietnam in a peace mission during the war and took a picture with Vietnamese and it became this huge thing. she was labeled a traitor to America. it nearly destroyed her career. of course the the picture was taken out of context, but the government along with the media didn’t care. it was enough to neutralize her influence as an antiwar figure.

  2. Baby, I love me some Joy. But, Jane laid her soul to rest on this one. Sometimes, it best to sit on the sideline and just sip your mint julep while the People handle their business! ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

  3. Why don’t we ever question BLM motive? Why aren’t there any black men involved in BLM? Why is the verbiage on the website so incendiary in promoting feminism yet denouncing black males? Has anyone ever read their website? We’re jumping behind a movement that in reality is trying to eradicate us. Their funding is from white “liberal” lesbians. Wtf?

    1. What are you even talking about? I see no white people in their leadership or co-founders page. And seeing as Black women are ignored and dismissed and even suffragists were racists, you damn skippy we need a feminism that INCLUDES Black women.

      And you sound like a Men Going Their Own Way Hotep.

  4. I hate ppl are taking that one clip and running with it! If you watch the show faithfully Joy Behar is more pro black than Whoopi!!! It was just a general question Joy asked.

    1. joy is definitely the progressive at the table. Whoopi is surprisingly centrist on many issues. however, it was clear joy was uncomfortable with the “phrase defund the police.” although I I agree with defunding the police, I think joy is right about the name being a turn off. many people don’t know what it means, which gives Trump and the Republicans ammo to characterize it anyway they want.

  5. I have nothing but respect n admiration for Jane Fonda.. from her days using her platform to raise awareness of the Vietnamese War to her support of the Breakfast Program run by the Black Panthers in Oakland California. She n her husband actually adopted a child of one of the leaders of the Panters n raised her while her father was in jail. She has a lways been down for the cause from day one.. I have met her on two occasions in WEHO..really gracious lady..

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