so jussie smollett tried to stop milan christopher’s bag?

so milan christopher refuses to take his paws off jussie smollett’s neck.
he feels he is getting his alleged retribution.
according to milan,
jussie tried to stop his bag.
these are receipts milan posted via “gayemagazine“…

i mean,
this is his truth but…

let me not be mean to milan.
if jussie did that,
that’s pretty fucked up of him.
according to mo’nique,
there is a ton of alleged “blacklisting” that goes on in those forests.
i guess this is karma in some way.

high key,
i don’t know why pineapples blacklist others for.
it’s really immature.
i can’t speak for others,
but if i don’t like someone,
i won’t try to stop them from eating.
that’s so fucked up.
i don’t care much about others once they do me wrong.
if you didn’t do physical harm,
then what is a little rivalry?
they throw stones at me,
it makes them look petty and shifts their reputation.
they burn their own bridges with their own matches and gasoline.
their karma tends to be way worse than what i could ever do.
if what milan is saying is true,
i’ll let him have his moment.
remember milan…

Don’t take joy in another’s downfall tho

it can quickly turn back around on you.
say a prayer for them and move on.

article cc: gayemagazine

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

32 thoughts on “so jussie smollett tried to stop milan christopher’s bag?”

  1. Never before have I seen a story with more twists and turns as this one, and hope to never see another one like it. I feel as if Iโ€™m at Coney Island.

  2. Are we sure it was not just milan’s own actions that got him blacklisted? Not saying i can’t see it possibly being true but…..this is milan

    1. Because he’s human and he was hurt by a fellow black gay man that smiled in his face but basically stabbed him the back for no apparent reason. He’s having his moment of public schadenfreude but he should let it got after a hot minute, because that karma boomerang will be a b****.

  3. Seems like a butt hurt homo trying to kick an easy target. Every time I see anything pertaining to this guy, heโ€™s looking for some form of attention.

    1. “Attackers.” LOL

      Not laughing at you but at the fact that Jussie even claimed the muscle wolves were such, and then repeated it on Robin Roberts’ show. That bond proffer (charging document) that JamariFox posted yesterday states that Abel (the shorter, younger sexy muscle wolf) was supplying Jussie with mollies in addition to being his workout buddy, boyfriend stand-in on Empire, and good kiki friend.

      The “attack” was totally staged. I.e., there was no attack.

  4. Not to be mean but, maybe Milan just didn’t get the parts. I’ve never gotten the vibe he had any great talent aside from looking REALLY good in very little clothing.
    And Jussie isn’t exactly a giant in the entertainment world. At least Monique blamed people with some clout, like Oprah and Tyler Perry, for her blacklisting.

  5. Jussie probably trashed him because he detected negative energy from Milan. Who among us hasnโ€™t been in the company of someone in a social or professional setting and got that bad dark energy. I mean, sure the conversation is cordial and everything on the surface is fine but you know you canโ€™t ever trust that person…

    Personally, I donโ€™t trust dudes with booty implants so….

  6. This sounds a bit far fetched for me. First he said there were several roles then when pushed on it that turned into “one show” ? I guess the show in this case would be Empire would be the show and one of the many roles would be where he would interact with Jussie’s character, and I guess Jussie didn’t want that? Its also plausible that Milan thought he was perfect for these roles and the people in charge didn’t and just didn’t choose him for it.

    The show has been on for about four years and Milan’s IMDB account doesn’t really have anything lined up as far as acting roles during that period and nothing coming up either so maybe he just isn’t as good as he thinks he is. Not to mention Milan himself just doesn’t seem to have the best attitude himself and seems very messy overall. I agree with you telling him to be careful cause he seems like he would be the next gay black person who would get caught up in some random messiness.

  7. Milan exudes negativity, I doubt a casting director would take a former Love & hip hop cast member with a fake ass & porn on the web seriously.. heโ€™s just using Jussie as a scapegoat

  8. He’s so thirsty for any kind of attention I wouldn’t be surprised if he lied about the entire story.

    He literally has no talent.

  9. The “About Him: South Africa” softcore porn Milan Christopher?

    See, people don’t want that kind of press on their multi-million dollar projects. Look at how news outlets ran with a porn star in Black Panther…and that guy was some random dude who to this day I’m not even sure got screen time.

    I mean, secure your bag, buddy, but a super slight internet search suggests you can bring a lot of unwanted controversy to a project.

  10. Lol dont bring anything up about getting blacklisted. Lol one thing I hate about the industry is how everybody know everybody. Its a lot of snakes in the industry and have to be careful. Not everybody think friend truly friend. For the most part actors are ppl they have feelings and want to be respected. Ppl arent dumb they know whose fraud or not. What Ive learned especially being in Atlanta like other places their are opportunist at every turn. Not all but a good amount. Atlanta can be messy. But for the most part I learned to stay my distance from drama and navigate this city with easy. I dont bash ppl in regards to the milan story I’d simply say there’s two sides to every story.

  11. It’s possible casting agents/producers acted weird because they heard he had a sex tape on Pornhub.How many actors on prime time scripted tv shows have sex tapes? IDK

  12. Milan didn’t need Jusse to blackball him…There is enough video of his antics out there to make anyone think twice about casting him on their show…I just think it’s sour grapes on Milan’s part. I read that at one point there were rumors that Milan and Jussie were dating and Jussie was quick to deny a relationship with milan and Milan was insulted by the shade in Jessie’s denial.

  13. This is the same queen that lied about “breaking the Internet” in Paper magazine. But get those clicks and ad revenue. I see you, Jamari

  14. I don’t know much about this guy in this post except for what’s on the blog and O get the sense that he is messy and he played in About Him. That’s all I know. He probably comes on here to see what we have to say bout him. Lol

  15. He is so unlikable. Hey “Milan”, newsflash: NOBODY GIVES A FUCK!

    He is so entitled and acts as if he is the first every gay black man to enter the world of show business. Dude you were a cast B member on a VH1 REALITY show for ONE season. Its like he wants a pat on the back for being black & gay on TV. Not to mention he is the biggest stunt queen ever & needs to go sit down somewhere.

  16. Milan is so messy. If he was as real as he claims, he would have exposed Jussie and told his truth when he first found out what Jussie was allegedly saying about him. Milan is loose, messy and can’t keep shit to himself. I’m sure he wanted this lame story to be picked up by a blog or E News or People because he wants clout. No one in Hollywood will fuck with him because he is MESSY. He is not an actor, getting your back blown out on camera does not equate to Denzel Washington status boo. Milan cannot even act, hell we saw his shitshow on L&HH and he was horrible in About Him. Anyone who would delight in the downfall of another human being regardless whether it be of their own doing is the devil. Miles told us that Milan is fucked up so while he’s laughing at Jussie, I hope he realises that God does not like ugly in any form. Karma will always be that bitch.

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