two tops, in a relationship, who never smashed each other (unicorns?)

i kept seeing ^him on my ig explorer page.
i found out his name is zed.
this is zed’s boyfriend,


he is equally as fine.
well zed and ray are two wolves,
aka tops for those who are new in the foxhole,
that met on grindr.
this is their story via “intomore”

the wolves are getting with each other now. i think this is really cute.
so when they said they never penetrated each other,
i definitely was like:


…but i have to realize that not everyone is into that.
believe or not,
there are some gays who don’t like being penetrated at all.
they are satisfied with jack off sessions,
dry humping,
and cake tasting.

like most gays in relationships these days…

I wonder if these are in a open relationship?

it would be a shocker if they weren’t.
they seem pretty into each other tho:

i’m all for gays and bis doing more than being just blow up dolls.
can we be friends alongside being blow up dolls?
i’ll allow zed and ray…

…and the opportunity to be squeezed in between that sammich.

see more of zed and ray: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

55 thoughts on “two tops, in a relationship, who never smashed each other (unicorns?)”

  1. 2 “tops” on Grindr aren’t going to meet up, unless someone bottoming (usually both). 🤦‍♂️

    I think the only folks falling for this are their underage fans and/or gullible adults. You know the type–the ones who say “he’s got a girlfriend, so he can’t be gay” (completely oblivious to the fact that we bi guys do exist and/or the GF could be a “beard” to cover things up). 🤣

    Like most gay YT couples who use their relationship to build their channel, but who are unwilling to admit their “roles in the bedroom”, I’m sure they’re versatile.

    I think the lighter guy is more macho-acting, so he wants ppl to think that he’s a “total top”. While the dark-skin dude is a bit more “fem”, I think he’s got a BBC that the lighter guy really can’t handle, so he doesn’t top that much.

    If/when they have sex on OnlyFans, I’m sure we’ll discover that they’re both really verse.

  2. i watched the interview. they never said they dont penetrate each other. what was said is that when neither wants to be penetrated, non penetrative sex is fine.

  3. I just wanted to come on here and say that Ray has a son that is three years old. Ray also used to be a pastor. I don’t think he sees his son that often because his kid is in Louisiana and he is now in New York.

    You should also look up Zed in his earlier years. He was absolutely more feminine and had a completely different look (during his time in London). They are playing up an image which is sad. No one has a problem with love being put on display…if it’s honest. They are both fake.

        1. How do you know about their pasts?
          I can believe Ray was involved w/ the church & tried to live a “DL lifestyle” (he comes off as the type). I’m sure if he has a kid it’ll be publicized if/when they become more popular from YT.

          Is that long-haired dude Zed? Granted he’s got the same rather prominent nose, but dude in the pic looks straight up white (& I’m sure Zed is “mixed” or something).

          I believe that they’re both far less macho than they appear on cam. Neither seems to be acting naturally, & their femininity slowly slips out w/ every vid that they do. While Ray comes off as “the sassy one”, from what Zed has been displaying makes me think that he’s actually more fem.
          I wouldn’t be surprised if they were really like the old gay pornstar couple of Jovonnie & Citiboy (who were both really into the ballroom scene & overly feminine).

          1. Ray is the black dude, I am not sure but he said he has a son, I saw the little boy o his YT and many short videos of Kim on his IG. All his captions about the boy is him being a strong, hard working father for his son. One even said the first man in my life that I am living for. I do feel like Ray kind of force himself a little too much to be macho, I don’t know.

            I just felt like I know he’s a twerking type, because he use to be a exotic dancer and he did twerk on YT and his man was like hey, don’t do too much. Society stereotype us all, if you look a fete in kind of way, you shouldn’t act a certain kind of way, if you’re from a particular place, you can’t be seen with him/her, you should act this way, not that way. Can’t be yourself at all.

  4. Reading some of these ignorant, catty and judgemental comments it’s no wonder some of y’all be on this forum crying about how you can’t find a man..smh. Maybe you should fix your bad attitudes and stop trying to tear down other people’s relationships

  5. These butch queens are sooooo gorgeous. As we used to say, maybe they get down by bumping p*****s. LOL Of course not everybody is into anal but they both giving too much booty not to be giving some of it up, to each other or someone else. I would put my money on the one with the dreadlocks. If the relationship is open, I bet one or both might be open to a bit of flipping.

  6. I roll my eyes at Insta-Gays like these two Butch Queens. It’s eye roll inducing when the White Gays flaunt their unchained narcissism and it’s equally as off putting when the Black gays do it….

  7. Oh my God.. I love these Two.. I had to come back because I didn’t hear them sing ( ha ha ha )

  8. I remember reading a research study a couple of years ago about that topic.That specific study found that about a third(1/3) of the men(gay,bisexual) reported they never have anal sex.The report listed all the other sexual activities the men engage in including,mutual masturbation,fellatio,analingus,frottage, S&M, B&D, etc.
    Different Strokes for different folks ☺

  9. Back in college on the ’90’s, there was a couple of “best friends” that looked enough alike to be brothers that I fooled around with. They were both tops that liked having someone to penetrate, and for a while, they had me. They did everything else together but that. I remember there only being one bedroom in the apartment…so inward confused on the the insistence that they were just best friends.

  10. These two made the Fox Hole! LMAO! Jamari I can’t! They’re regularly on the apps looking for “3rds” to fuck. They look like the same person to me. Just different hair and complexions. They don’t even look like they like being around each other so I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re only together for the attention they get.

    1. Oh? So they’re in an open relationship? I guess it’s a given being that they’re both escorts.

    1. Girl… Foxie has a corporate hustle until he can get on his own thing going. The post is coming. I usually don’t expect to get a post until after 6pm.

      1. Oh really…..I was on lunch and I was like let me go check Jamari page cause I know he got the tea down already. I check this site on my lunch whenever I get a notification on my social media cause I know I can come here and get some more opinions.

  11. They don’t have to screw each other because they escort as tops which means they both are screwing everyone else for money on rentmen. So, yeah I can believe it and each one’s profile says they have a brother in town so I guess you can have both if the price is right. Get that cash…I’m not mad at the them as of last night both profiles with pics and all were still up and people have verified each so they are the real deal FrenchDaddy and CajunDaddy with each escorting, modeling and willing to do gay porn movies as well as other things. So yes tops can be in a relationship bc they fucking everybody else and don’t have to do each other. (25yo,6ft1in, 210, bi, top) 5star reviews last Feb 02 (23yo,6ft2in,200lbs, bi, top) 5star reviews last March 13

    1. Bwahahahaha! Thank you for this! Because everything seemed a bit tooo perfect with them. Now this makes sense. And although they dont owe us any explanations as far as their relationship goes, if you gonna put your relationship out there, give us the truth, lol. Did they ever talk about them being escorts before?. I bet if all those people commenting on their youtube channel and IG knew that, they would humming a different tune, lol.

      I mean, hey…to each his own. Their both attractive young men, and to a lot of people from the outside looking in, their the ideal couple. Especially to those in the community who love masculinity. If being escorts keeps them together and they cool with it, more power to them! They seem genuinely happy. I’m just glad to know the real tea!

    2. I figured that. It looks like they both logged in last night/this morning too. I’m grateful for this site low and highkey exposing these fools.

      Fit gays just can’t get up in the morning and work regular jobs like the rest of the community. It’s like it would just kill them. Always thotting and showing off, and turning their noses up at those of us who earn decent livings. I can’t with them calling each other “my hot brother” That isn’t something two gay men in a loving relationship would do.

      Their eyes look so sad on those profiles BTW.

      1. ^is this why folks think i’m so infamous?
        i usually font the entry,
        but the foxhole comes through with all the information.

        the foxhole knows all.
        i keep trying to tell them.

    3. Ah… The plot thickens lol! This is why the foxhole keeps giving! This site is my hub when it comes to attentionistos/gay men because there is ALWAYS somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody or something! Whether it’s leaked videos/pics, a DR, some private undisclosed info etc. Y’all never let me down with this stuff haha

      Those profiles look very real, the reviews speak for themselves. Zed (Zayn is his real name according to a reviewer) has his dick out and everything. They’re both packing I guess *shrugs*

      One thing about them is that their relationship looks very superficial and contrived for social media. It’s almost as if they live for that instant online gratification. I don’t want to be that person but I don’t see them lasting long, but hey that’s just my thoughts

    4. LMFAO it looks like Ray deleted his profile. Too late, boo. The word is already out and we keep receipts.

  12. 2 beautiful guys seems legit. I hope they have a long life and dont live their life solely for Social media. Once that happens then start the clock…..

  13. It’s possible. Some people value their holes and want their bowel movements to stay intact when they get older. These two look like the typical stock gay pretty couple that flaunt on social media. Remember that Tops and Bottoms are things created by gays to compensate for heterosexual sex. It certainly isn’t required for two men to be together at all.

    1. Thank you! Gay men are out here defining their entire existence by sexual positions. It’s so ridiculous

  14. I think they are both equally yoked aesthetically but their videos are so cringey to me lol.

    I remember a thread a few months back where a comment revealed that they do “adult videos” on onlyfans/Tumblr but nobody has provided the link

    1. I saw a profile sometime back… though probably a catfish.

      As someone said they compliment each other aesthetically.

      Oh…Young love…

      I thought I heard in the video that they will go back and forth about get to get it in until someone gives in.

      Im betting there are lots of toys involved. Or at least a bottom 3rd. Maybe that is what they need… a 3rd. And become throuple. Like Ariana Grande’s brother is in.

  15. Since they’re both wolves…uhm, do they need a fox? ‘Cause, to quote Katniss Everdeen, I volunteer [my asshole] as tribute. LMAO

    Sidenote: Let this have been two bottoms in a “non-penetrative” relationship ya’ll would be singing a different and an immensely less supportive tune…facts!

  16. this what I enjoying seeing, two handsome brothas showcasing their intimate love for one another, oh my! I saw the vid where they went to New York and Zed had him arm locked and kissing him passionately in a bed hotel room. This what I like to see and dream about when I find the one. Hey if they decide to do a Onlyfan, Im there and payed monthly subscrip. What are the chances of finding someone on the Grindr, and I never heard of 2top for settle? while final and this is new.

      1. Eh, judging by their instagram videos and youtube videos over the past year that I’ve been following they both seem like they would open the backdoor from time to time. I guess it’s just not “cool” to admit to bottoming when it comes to some gays

        Then again I’m not in their relationship so this is just my opinion *shrugs*

      2. Hhhmm, naw… after viewin’ their profiles, I’d say it’s more the otha way around… CajunDaddy or whatever (the dark one) has one too many “glamour” and “caught up in the rapture of love” poses for me…

  17. I’m in a “non-penetrative” relationship. It’s been a great 3.5 years tho since neither of us is all that pressed about anal.

        1. They fuck! They actually fuck the very first time they met. I am subscribed to their YouTube channel and I have watched all their videos. The light skin dude is the top, the chocolate skin dude is the bottom. They did and interview, in which they were asked Who’s the top and Who’s the bottom and the light skin admits he’s the top, then the chocolate skin dude, interjected and say he tried topping his partner, but it doesn’t work, so he just stick to being the bottom.

          There’s around 4 videos of them talking discreetly about their Sex life, their fans asked and they answered. When they were saying how they met on Grindr, when the light skin dude knocked at his door, he said he was just about to hit the shower and the other guy asked If he could join him, he said yes. When they were asked if they did it on the first date, they both smiled and mr light skin cheeks was red, he was turning red, the dark skin guy looked at him and they kissed and say they love each other. That’s Enough confirmation right there.

          You can’t expect these Young attractive, sexual fluid, sexually charged men not to Have sex, C’mon ie lol.

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