so when isn’t black lives matter not being accused of scamming?

the irony of this shirt.
i need folks to convince me that black lives matter org isn’t a scam.
every couple of months,
some shit comes out that makes me doubt the organization.
it was the ( x 6 million house ) debacle and now this…

per neighborhood talk:

Documents also show that BLM paid a company owned by Damon Turner, the father of Cullors’ child, nearly $970,000 to help ‘produce live events’ and provide other ‘creative services.’A consulting firm ran by Shalomyah Bowers, who is BLM’s board secretary and has previously served as deputy executive director of the organization was paid more than $2.1 million for providing the organization with operational support, including staffing, fundraising and other key services.

Patrisse was the foundation board’s sole voting director and held no board meetings, according to the filing. She alone decided who to hire and how to spend donations. Patrisse resigned from BLM last year amid the scrutiny surrounding the charity’s finances. She has repeatedly denied claims that she took money from BLM for personal matters and has reiterated that all the purchases and transactions were legitimate.


i’ve always asked:

What have all these millions they have gotten done for the black community?

…and no one could answer.
they have said the best way to scam is through charity.
what a shame if this is true.
i saw these two comments right under the post:

the last comment tho…
let them allegedly scam folks but as long as the message stands!
that’s the important thing to remember!

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12 thoughts on “so when isn’t black lives matter not being accused of scamming?”

  1. Say what want. I never trust the whole BLM movement. Sometimes about did not set right in my sprite.

    1. You coons are always ready to “That’s why I didn’t support. Something seemed off”. But you make white people that use AAVE rich and famous on TikTok and Twitter, but when their racist past comes out…y’all didn’t sense anything then. Shut the entire fvck up.

      1. Listen here you stupid mother fucker. I said what I said. Just because I do not trust that organization does not make less black. Calling me a coon isn’t going change my view on the organization.

      2. Coon? WOWWWWWWWWW! You may want to take your own advice and shut the entire fuck up. How about you donate to the “Ibetyouwontrunup” Foundation, where we save money to put on people books and legal fee’s. Get them out of jail and have their case dismissed for defending themselves against people like you who, “Got me fucked up”.

  2. Don’t care about coons trying to make a buck. My life still matters. There will always be Black people making us look bad. I am not worried about how I look to violent pedophilic incestuous sadistic inhumane cannibals who raped my ancestors for fun, cut open pregnant women to see who would die first and ate the Egyptian pharaohs. They should be worried how they look to me.

    Still doesn’t mean the phrase means any less.

    1. ^i find phrases like this funny.

      not saying you are doing it,
      but some black people say this and then proceed to treat other black folks horribly.
      gay blacks will say this but proceed to shade and disrespect other black gays.

      black lives matter “until”.

    2. Seli, I want you to remember the shit you say to people because when you end up like Kevin Samuels, let his soul rest in peace, you are gonna wonder why you are staring at gates when you feel like you wasn’t ready yet. Humble yourself real quick. Because the only “coon” you should be talking about is yourself or Rocket Raccoon in Marvel. This is 2022. I’m not worried about my ancestors because the struggles they went thru was enough for me to get to this point to remember it and move on from it so that it doesn’t happen again. You got a problem with the way life treats you, that’s your issue but when you spew that evil negativity out to the world; that’s all you. Keep that monkey at the bottom of the barrel attitude on your side of whatever internet device you are using. Definitely hitting the block button on your name so not to ever see your commentary. The feeling will be mutual if you do me the same.

  3. What’s most upsetting about this movement and what’s it’s become, is that is was originally started by real activist that were striving for genuine change in the black community.

    Once the original leader died (under strange pretenses) the movement got hijacked by corporations and grifters. And sellouts like the current leaders drove BLM into the ground.

    1. Don’t say that. You will be consider as a coon if you speak out and don’t agree with what BLM stand for.

  4. Hey There!
    There is a system in place to covertly dismantle the one organization in decades to galvanize the world in protest of police brutality against black bodies. They are deemed TOO POWERFUL. So it is not a coincidence that these stories keep dropping. I live in Los Angeles and I personally know a few non profits that they give grants to. Some of the hardest working people I have ever met. They are still continuing to fight policy and laws that oppress black people. These type of snippets will continue to drop against this and any other black organization that is perceived to have too much power. And it seems they are succeeding in planting doubt. I am not saying the BLM leaders are saints. But please remember what they did, the magnitude of what they did and how it shook white America. As a branding person I can tell you that this reeks of subtle smear campaign.
    Be well, stay well.

  5. I don’t trust anybody who makes a company off a hashtag. Like the MetooMovement. Its just people taking advantage of the situation in the moment draw support and never do what they intended to do. Its all a scam.

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