jack harlow doesn’t know who brandy is?

i feel like if you live under a rock,
you wouldn’t know brandy and ray j are siblings.
jack harlow,
whose 24 and a rapper,
didn’t know this when they quizzed him on hot97 the other day

those clues were so obvious and he gonna say aaliyah???????
don’t have him as a teammate on family feud.
he just showed how he doesn’t know much about black entertainment.
angel in disguise” isn’t one of her big hits but:

How do you not know Brandy’s legendary VOICE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

brandy responded to the obvious disrespect in a tweet:

jack’s invite to the cookout should be re-evaluated tbh.
he hasn’t been having a lot of luck this era.
i’ve had a white wolf flirt with me like this:

i was –>this<- close to letting him beat up something too.

lowkey: wait until he finds out snoop is her cousin.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “jack harlow doesn’t know who brandy is?”

  1. Brandy posted a tweet after that one, where she said she was just having a little fun and it’s all love ❤

    I’ve seen hundreds of comments on urban/black blogs from people saying that didn’t know Ray J and Brandy are siblings.
    I blame their parents,jk 🤣

    1. ^ these people must be gen z or the alpha generation.
      i forgot my millenial growing up knows these things.

      i wonder if they know beyonce and solange are siblings LOL

        1. Brandy was very Big in her time! She was two Television shows, had Barbie Doll, had a Covergirl Campaign and had been in a Movie before the 2000’s hit good on addition to a thriving music career. Please don’t be shady. Hello she was probably one Beyoncé’s inspirations

          1. I’m not being shady, I know what Brandy did before Beyoncé came on the scene. Secondly I’m not going to get bend out of shape over this white boy not knowing Brandy or Ray j are brother and sister.

  2. Dgaf about this man.

    Black people act like he’s cute when he’s mid at best.

    Lil Nas X could’ve done that song with a Black gay artist and put them on.

    Him cosigning this corny Eminem who had nothing to add to a GAY song, irritates me.

    This is what happens when you let anybody in the cookout.

  3. Eh I’m not surprised, he’s white & young lol we gotta realize we gettin up there (still relatively young tho) people that we think are larger then life, the lower 20s crowd is not gonna be familiar with, hell when “Angel in disguise” off “Never Say Never” came out I was 10…..I’m currently 33 😂

    1. Absolutely right! Brandy ain’t had a hit or been relevant since George Bush was in office. Of course there is a whole generation or 2 who don’t know who the fuck she is. Hell we only know Ray J because he refuses to go sit down somewhere and be quiet. I don’t think this was shade at all. He also shouldn’t be allowed at the cookout because in all honesty who the fuck is Jack Harlow?!? Granted I do like his song sampling Fergie but that’s because that song was huge during my post graduation years. He is a very lackluster rapper. Eminem was the only good white rapper to come out it seems. I haven’t been interested in none of the others that have emerged since. I hear Logic is good but kanye shrug

      Somebody mentioned Lil Nas X and that song was trash with or without a feature. There’s this gay rapper named Mark who I love because he’s like the male Megan Thee Stallion. He sexy af and be talking his shit. Check out Bad Lil Thing (my anthem), Get It and Wiggle It. I would love to see him blow up. We gotta start promoting music made by us for us.

      1. Made for people who??? Plus I listen for 25 seconds and had to turn it off!!! Plus I’m not a Gucci Mane fan but that’s is one them few songs I like by him and dude “Mark” whatever his name is did nothing for it! Somebody like it somewhere though. The whole bad bitch thing is very tired especially a it pertains to gay men. Just saying.

        1. Who said anything about Gucci Mane?!? You clearly don’t know wtf I’m talking about so no need to respond to any of this foolishness. You’re coming off hella defensive and mad mad as you kids say. Mark makes music for black gay men, the same gay black men always looking for validation, representation and acceptance which are the same black gay men who occupy space on this black gay blog. As a commentator, I would think that would include you but maybe you rather worship Brandy a straight black woman instead of uplifting what you see in the mirror instead. Food for thought!

          1. Well he sampled the Gucci Mane record ” I think I Love Her” that’s why I brought it up. As for him making music for gay men looking for validation, that has never been Me do a I stated I can’t relate.I don’t see myself when I see him. The only thing we have in common is that we are black and have sex with men. The comparisons end there. Just cause he is gay does not mean there is a connection. Considering that this type of gay usually comes off like a snob I doubt we would travel in the same social circles. Be blessed and less pressed.

  4. Middle millennials (85’-92) are definitely on the old side of young. This interview was real sobering for my 33 year old self..lol 😩

    But actually I had never heard this song until I saw this interview clip! Gotta love them deep cuts.
    …and Ebro…😏

    Brandy isn’t Jesus (obviously) but she is a talent that deserves all the flowers.

  5. He knew Aaliyah but not Brandy? Despite Brandy being the most popular of her contemporaries.

    This is just all the more proof that culture vultures like him don’t really know anything about the community they want to emulate. He ain’t really down down.

    Also this should be a heads up to negros who constantly speak of wanting to cross over and appeal to honkies. It don’t mean shit. This is just more assurance we should be happy just appealing to our community.

  6. I didn’t know they were sister/brother, but then again I haven’t paid attention much to Ray J due to that sex tape he did w/Kim K. I just couldn’t take him seriously. I did enjoy some of Brandy’s songs but didn’t get into her that much either. I had a boyfriend who liked her so that’s how I got into her more, although I knew her from her vids on MTV back when she was big. I didn’t know Snoop is her cousin either lol. I wasn’t big into to many soul/r & b artists back when Brandy was big though.

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