i love spotify but Lawd knows i’m tired of the podcast hype.
the joe rogan experience“,
a podcast hosted by joe rogan on spotify,
has been causing so much confusion.
i don’t listen and i only know joe from his days on “fear factor”.
he gave his views on a recent podcast about being black in africa and…


so where are these dark places in africa where people are butt-ass naked?
this is not a good look for joe.
he has an artist leaving spotify in protest:

Spotify has sided with its podcast superstar over Neil Young.

The legendary folk singer gave the streaming behemoth an ultimatum earlier this week, saying he refused to allow his music on the same platform as Joe Rogan. The “Heart of Gold” singer accused Rogan and his podcast of spreading false information about COVID-19 vaccines.

( x see what joe has said about the vaccines )

i hope this doesn’t start a chain reaction with other artists.
i REALLY don’t wanna take my business to apple music.
joe is untouchable on spotify.
he was paid 100 million,
has attracted 11 million listeners,
and he’s the top podcast on the platform.
i doubt anything will happen to him.
the moment my favorite artists leave spotify because of him tho…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. White people don’t get race issues nor do they care so why comment just enj9ryiur privilege and stay in your lane

    1. They don’t get it. They live in a bubble where as long as it doesn’t affect them personally, they don’t care…nor will they understand.

  2. Donald Trump held the highest office in America for 4 years!!!!

    [ Need I say more about this country ]

  3. I
    Am hoping for a deluge of artist’s to leave Spotify for the very reason Neil Young has.
    We absolutely need to quit spending our money and wasting our time supporting businesses and programming and people who do not have our interests.
    If we boycott and stop spending, then only can we gain back and get the freedom and rights we deserve.

  4. This man is an idiot masquerading as a podcast host, but he’s not alone in not understanding basic racial issues. As someone put it Twitter, y’all (Yt people) created the concept of “race” in Europe hundreds of years ago yet still don’t understand this concept they unleashed on the rest of the world!

    Having said, I am proud to be Black and will always be!

  5. Joni Mitchell is standing with Neil Young and removed her music. More are pulling their music and it has been reported that Spotify lost 2 Billion as the stock dropped and artists started pulling out. So far its only Country Artists. No R&B, Hip-Hop, or Pop Artists have followed the “deletespotify” trend.

    For a while, I thought Joe Rogan owned UFC because he looks so much like Dana White, the current UFC President. Joe has always been controversial but he gets paid for his controversy. Spotify will not do anything until a Sponsor drops out. When you have artists leaving and they are not bringing in money with the likes of Aaliyah, Beyoncé, Rhianna, Mariah. Don’t get me wrong Neil Young and Joni Mitchell are legends but will you stop listening to Spotify if their music is gone? Most don’t listen or even know what their catalog consists of. Its going to take a major artist to leave for them to do something or at least a major sponsor.

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