*This is a what NOT to do to someone you want as an ally.

 a few weeks ago,
i got a dm about a photographer we all know.
before they would even shoot,
a model was asked to send his penis pictures to the said photographer.
after he sent it,
he was told he made it past the “review stage” to qualify.
i was shown all the screenshots between the model and the photographer.
the model felt uncomfortable during the whole shooting process.
the reason he hit me up was to expose said photographer but…

I can’t use the screenshots or say it’s him behind this story.

so i decided to do further investigation.
i looked at the photographer’s ig page and all the videos the model was in.

1. For someone so uncomfortable,
you are letting this photographer oil you down.
He is touching all over that nice ass body and you are letting him.
You are even joking around and smiling.

2. You willingly got naked with no issue at all.

3. At the end of the shoot,
you are recording saying you had “a good shoot” and the photographer “made you feel comfortable”.
Not only that,
the photographer allegedly fed you at some chain restaurant afterward.

i tell him how this footage doesn’t look good for his defense.
how can you accuse someone of all of this,
but you look like a willing participant?
he told me if he was supposed to say he was uncomfortable with a camera in his face?

If you felt uncomfortable,
you should have ended it and requested a refund.

i asked if he signed a contract and well…

since he kinda had no case on his own,
he needed to talk to other models who worked with the photographer.
the model’s beef is he allegedly never got any of the bts footage.
there is alleged bts footage of him naked too.
the model,
in a rage,
ended up blocking said photographer.
at the end of the conversation,
i could tell he felt annoyed with himself.

This is what had me vexed…

so a week later,
i hit up the said model and asked if i can feature him on the foxhole.
since i have a lot of eyes on my platform,
it could be good for his brand.
i wasn’t gonna charge him and definitely didn’t need his penis pictures.

No answer.

 instead of building a relationship with me,
you decided to become casper the friendly-fuckin-ghost.
i need black folks to do better when it comes to networking and allies.
this is why some of these folks get played.

lowkey: i found it interesting in one of his screenshots,
the photographer said:

“Watch out for these gay men.
They will try to exploit you.”



  1. J,

    You know I support you but part of that is disagreeing w/you & addressing when you are discrediting the victim. You don’t know how he felt nor were you there. You are making judgements based off of what you as an outsider see through your personal filters & the videos & pics provided on the photographer’s IG which we all know is not reality. IG is carefully curated images. Please see my response to Y Collette above regarding feeling uncomfortable. Not everyone w/muscles is a type A personality who will speak up for themselves in an uncomfortable situation. Being muscular does not always equal being able to be assertive. There are plenty of muscle guys who are very sweet, gentle & submissive. Appearances can be very deceiving.

    I did not know you charged people, which is fine of course. Seems you might be angry about losing a potential big scoop & being ghosted which is understandable but don’t take it out on him. He’s dealing with enough from the abuse & having to deal w/his guilt & shame as well as dealing w/the photographer.

  2. Hello getting touched didn’t bother him he wanted more coins money is the root of evil child please a man can’t just touch a sober grown men without no cause and you just play the roll

  3. I believe the guy may have been uncomfortable. However, the model knows what type of work said photographer does. Said photograph, sells sexualize images and has a dick pic photobook that he sales… A lot of straight dudes see the opportunity and the possibilities of becoming a star. Said photographer may be a creep (allegedly) he has produced stars. Therefore naive IG model will do whatever at the time. Then get home a feel guilt, and regret for doing something they thought they would never do as a “straight” man. Models need to do their research and make sure you read the fine print before signing.

    1. I know of another model that experienced much of the same. It’s worse for those who are trying to get into the sex work industry. By virtue of the business, they are automatically viewed as pieces of meat (literally). The photographers he worked with tried to convince him that he would only advance in the business was by sleeping with the photographers (allegedly). Luckily, he was smarter than that. He went on to do solo onlyfans work. He even made a video about the experience for his page.

  4. If u willing to send ur dick to a photographer on ig why not make an onlyfans … it’s not 2005 who still looks to photographers to get them hooked. This shit ain’t going in a magazine

    1. This reminds me of those modelmayhem days when people wanted to be in urban fashion shows. If u have an ig and willing to get naked u can easily post thirst traps on ur own build up followers and start promoting products. This is giving the photographer promised to pay and sponsor him he ain’t get what he wanted so now he tryna reneg but the photographer has dirt on him so he wants you to publicly out the photographer while his hands remain clean . Good for u jamari for seeing through it

      These men be pushing 40 looking for an easy come up off gays thirst

  5. The fact that people still work with Marvin is baffling too me. First of all what idiot would buy someone telling them that in order to qualify for a shoot you have too send dick pictures. It’s a photo shoot, not a agency, not playgirl. There’s no legitimate opportunity besides little to no exposure, and some reality tv agent casting you to be on a shitty island show. I dislike Marvin and his practices, however at this point he isn’t to blame. As long as there are not too bright, pressed for fame in shape models. Sadly Marvin will continue to stay in business. I wouldn’t stoop low and call these guys escorts, let’s not make assumptions about people we don’t know, however it is a fact that these guys aren’t legitimate models and don’t know the protocol. which is why they’re tricked into thinking Marvin practices are a standard, when HE IS the “GAY MAN” that will try to exploit you. Him and these “models” are a joke. At least onlyfan models are making thousands while these idiots are baring it all for free and a Applebee’s dinner.

  6. Yeah I’m gonna have to agree with the two above comments, if we’re gonna have a whole revolution about believing all women, then the same needs to be done for the men. You can definitely smile and be uncomfortable, and if we’re talking about (who we all know we’re talking about) then I’m sure he was extremely unprofessional and vulgar with the model, I’ve seen him call Charlie “slow” make comments about models being “ashy” etc. so I’m sure after everything was said and done the model has realized how unprofessional and inappropriate the “photographers” action were

  7. No shade but This write up is trash and a prime example of why victims don’t come out.
    Of course he went ghost and stopped responding to you. You basically told him you thought he was lying because he looked to enjoy the encounter.

    1. These clout chasers would work with Marvin’s ugly ass if they can get a chance on TV. I bet these models are getting naked and not even paid. Everybody in the streets know Marvin is a pervert. Most of his models are over 30 with with a bodybuilder body type, like who are they gonna model for? Marvin always seemed like a scam to me kinda like a pimp. The men look more like strippers/escorts to me 🤷🏾‍♂️

    2. He told him the truth. There was nothing in that conversation where he lied about. When you don’t look happy at a shoot or you constantly stopping because you don’t feel comfortable that shows. When you are having fun, that is hard to prove to a court that you are uncomfortable. If you were uncomfortable to send a dick pic, why setup an appointment to shoot with a Photographer. Let alone go out to eat with him.

  8. Looking comfortable in pics or videos doesn’t mean you are comfortable.I have been sexually harassed,been touched inappropriately in the workplace when I was much younger and I “grin and bear it” because I felt powerless and wanted to keep my job.I’m sure there are pics of me smiling or “looking comfortable” with the creepy supervisors/managers who harassed me.

    I’ve seen pics of a couple of the women who accused,Governor Cuomo of being sexually inappropriate looking comfortable, smiling,etc. after they claim they were sexually harassed.

    I know this photographer is not as powerful as the former governor but a lot of people still put up with employers doing foul sh*t even in this Me Too period.People still “grin and bear it”.

    This model may have had second thoughts because he feels foolish,embarrassed or ashamed he put himself in that situation.IDK

    1. Those WOMEN were working regular jobs, not down to get naked and be a thirst trap model like these guys. These “models” without agents/managers/portfolios are not models but low rent escorts. They signed up to be thirst trap models and are now complaining about it. I noticed a lot of these str8 niggas think just because they get naked a big check should be coming to them and us gay niggas are supposed to worship them. He did some gay shit and now he’s mad a bag or clout didn’t come with it case closed.

    2. Agreed Y Collette. I know I’ve been in plenty of situations where I could not believe what was happening & didn’t want to cause a commotion so I just kept a nice smile on my face until it was over. Many people are not good at dealing with confronting someone directly because it’s VERY uncomfortable & it’s so much easier to go w/the flow till you can get out of there, especially if the person is an authority of some type & you have something to lose.

    1. Sounds like we all know who that is cause the description sounds exactly to what they do and the type of pictures they take. Especially when they have a website that offers paid bts looks for 24 hours.

  9. Sounds like he’s just trying to make a case to sue n get some money.. like U said if he didn’t like being touched he should have stopped the shoot from the beginning. He’s either naive or is just BS.

    1. ^if he even presented this in court,
      he would still have no case.
      the videos show someone who was enjoying themselves at the shoot and down for whatever.

      1. I understand what you are saying but I disagree with your perspective Jamari. That is almost like telling a rape victim “Well you must have enjoyed it and wanted it because you came”. Some people cover up uncomfortable and unsettling situations with humor. I have a friend who has low self esteem and when she is in an uncomfortable situation she laughs and makes jokes. It’s a deflective technique. My own response when I’m uncomfortable is to get very quiet. It all depends on the person. Yes he is accountable for initially entering a situation which he may have perceived would go in one direction, but it very well may have turned out different. Don’t invalidate his claims of being uncomfortable just because you personally would have reacted a different way if you were in an uncomfortable situation. That is not fair.

      1. Yes putting up the video n making in the first is a counter defense for any model remorse later. This is photographer cya 101. Shoots are either paid tfp time for pay or tfp time for photo. Both model n photographer may be str8 up or have some agenda. Most wannabes models don’t educate themselves on the modeling industry for acceptable practices. Some are so eager they compromise their values. Nudity is not a require to become a model. Understanding the type of shoot, what will happen, types of shoot sb part of planning. Both model n photographer can end the shoot. A model release should outline specifics mediums to be use, how, what platforms payment or prints, how many, timeframe, etc. So many models have bodies but are naive to business of modeling

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