i don’t know how some of ya’ll do it during zoom calls at work.
it’s probably the thrill of it all tbh.
i would be so concerned with lighting and angles,
or being caught taking a nap,
but everyone else is in full-blown ratchet mode during zoom calls.
some of ya’ll like to have sex while thinking your cams and mics are off:


so an alleged school teacher in birimingham decided,
while in the middle of teaching kids,
that she wanted to give her class a teachable moment.
the problem is that her camera was still on while getting smashed


i swear,
some vixens do dumb shit with the dusties they are involved with.
could she not do this during her lunch break?
she couldn’t control her horniess at that moment?
it’s one thing to mute your mic and turn off your cam during a meeting but…

This she-jackal is teaching kids for mid-dick.

the bad part is that she doesn’t even look like she is even into it.
if “he bores me sexually” was a facial expression…
it looked like he was back there just being clunky and touching things.
she will have all the time in the world to have sex while being unemployed.

lowkey: isn’t this a charge too?
public indecency or something?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. She was not a teacher and definitely wasn’t having sex she had the sheets over her entire body and her kids were in the room. Secondly this was atf meeting that everyone could her husband was trying to wake her up take this slander down

    1. So Elizabeth wasn’t getting her guts beat up, cause she was definitely moaning and you can hear them cheeks getting clapped?

  2. My 6th grade teacher was the Vixen from Venus. She was light skinned, auburn haired, hour glass figured and hailed from a well knownHBCU. To say I was captivated is an understatement. She had a son a year behind me and husband who had played for the.NBA. He was the High Bball coach and a total wolf. However, I couldn’t even begin to undress them and imagine her being so common and indiscreet.
    This new breed must always, always, always be someplace or other drawing undue attention to themselves. It is too much already. Sidenote- Ray J at Mar A Lago and the new sextape murmurs. Go AWAY, ALL THE WAY AWAY☚ī¸

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