i never saw rapping and acting wolf,
joey bada$$,
until i watched raising kanan on starz.

what a difference cutting his dreads did.
the energy he bought to his character,
along those lips of his…

he had my heater on 90.
joey is all about preserving his sperm.
he admits that when he has sex,
he holds his nut so that his vixen will get off.
he had an interview with lip service and…


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her pussy bees like:

remember we use to font heavy about this back in the day?
it was called sexual energy.
we would try it for a week,
whether it’s not jackin off or having sex.
some of the foxholers have been practicing this type of life too.
when you hold in your seed,
it’s literally creating energy within you.

So boom…

i’ve successfully done it for a week.
i legit could feel myself vibrating and i couldn’t take it anymore.
i busted so hard when i finally released,
but i noticed i felt all that energy was depleted.
it is something i’d seriously have to work on but my energy levels…

i was getting up early,
feeling rested,
more energized,
and hella productive.
not only that,
i was felt hella sexy since i was vibrating seed energy.
i might try it for next week for the first week of febraury.
i’ll meditate and listen to high-energy/love music while doing it
i kinda wanna see if i can go for 2 weeks.
i’ll see.
watch the entire lip service interview:

lowkey: i have read a lot of successful males have held their nut too.

Author: jamari fox

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  1. He’s very weird and tries to be different but does the same ol nigga shit. Trying to rationalize fucking dif bitches under the “multiple wives” scenario

    I don’t give a fuck about what culture they look to to rationalize

    It’s not humanly possible to provide for someone’s needs in a partnership having multiple partners .. people on monogamous marriages can’t even do that

    These same men couldn’t be wit a woman who wanted two men. We as Black men are so misled and distracted by sex that we rationalize anything

  2. “Just imagine making pancakes and sausage for him on Saturday morning; watching cartoons while he sits in dem drawz, drizzling Miss Butterworth’s all over his plate”? Nirvana.
    I went for three months w/o doing any do and it was cataclysmic.
    If you take a vitamin code raw zinc supplement daily, when you do bust after abstaining, it feels like you are nutting from your ass and 🍆 at the same time. Like the nut erupts from your toes to ass to 🍆
    JoeyB is smoldering and exudes sensuality.

  3. He’s saying a bunch of bullshit! Not busting for that long isn’t even healthy! I remember doing that for a whole month too I was so horny it was raging crazy! I went to bed and I woke up in a puddle of nut! Lol my brain told my body that it needed to release and my body took me into a dream with a fine ass big booty dude I was clapping and boom! Lol The brain is a powerful thing!

    Anyway I agree that if you go a long time without bussing when you do u feel it in every part of your body! It’s pretty amazing and it great feeling but your nuts do hurt from the big release lol.

    Joey tries to be all deep and shit but it’s like nigga shut up! I do wanna slurp him up tho n make him release lol.

  4. I do it maybe 2-3 times a month. Too stressed/depressed to get off honestly. It’s incredibly annoying to deal with after.

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