i love spotify but Lawd knows i’m tired of the podcast hype.
the joe rogan experience“,
a podcast hosted by joe rogan on spotify,
has been causing so much confusion.
i don’t listen and i only know joe from his days on “fear factor”.
he gave his views on a recent podcast about being black in africa and…


I Live For The Applause, The Little Mermaid, and The Illuminati

tumblr_msfeu1btNt1qigsb1o1_500didn’t even realize lady gaga’s video for applause came out.
how late am i?

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The Strange Thing About Your Weird Ass Neighbors

faqsorg-neighborhoodthis is the weirdest thing i ever watched.
well no,
i can name a few others.
i hope it doesn’t make any too uncomfortable,
but it has a
VERY strong message within it.
this maybe happening somewhere in someone’s neighborhood.
probably yours.
it could be the people that live a few houses down.
ya know,
i been tellin you something ain’t right with them again.
this short movie is called:

the strange thing about the johnsons

as usual,
an f-bi sent it and well…

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Breezy Wolf Doesn’t Want You To Judge Him

so breezy wolf has a new video out.
i feel like i haven’t talked about him in a while.
he has been a good boy.
i hope i didn’t speak so soon.
anyway, he released “don’t judge me” from his album fortune

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D/L Hood Riddles

I met the ODDEST D/L dude tonight.

So I was on the chat side of life, bored and looking for some easy dick. I wanted a muscular built dude on easy does it mode to come over. Even if I didn’t end up getting fucked, at least I could have dude sleep over and cuddle. I been fiending to rest my head on some nice pecs.

So this D/L dude hit me up and we started to chat. I asked for his YIM info and we took it from there….

…. Foxes, this muthafucka had my head spinnin’. I still don’t know WTF he was talking about. It was like he was talking to me in some kind of hood riddles. I wanted to get him to come over (I read athletic and got excited) and just spend the night BUT I’ll pass.

He keeps hitting me up so I think he likes this Fox. If he didn’t give me a headache, I may have returned the favor.

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