Breezy Wolf Doesn’t Want You To Judge Him

so breezy wolf has a new video out.
i feel like i haven’t talked about him in a while.
he has been a good boy.
i hope i didn’t speak so soon.
anyway, he released “don’t judge me” from his album fortune


he looks completely different.
i can’t get with how off his face looks.

i hope the next album he looks like an adonis.
because this era,
he is looking like anorexia.

lowkey: i spoke to someone in his camp a couple days ago.
i didn’t like what i heard.
i seriously need him to get it together, lose the ego, and drop his crew.

11 thoughts on “Breezy Wolf Doesn’t Want You To Judge Him

  1. Living the “fast life” is detrimental to anyone. Perhaps he needs a long break, away from his “team” and friends, and go some place where he can focus on healing what I believe to be open wounds. He’s a great performance artist, but some things are off with him. I wish him the best.

    1. I remember back in 05 how innocent and cute he was. Ever since the fight with Rihanna he has not been the same and I don’t think he will ever be. He’s too far gone.

  2. Shocking–He looks like he is in his 30’s, wow Im taken aback that doesnt even look like the same person. If this is not special make up something is wrong. He clearly needs to detox his system from whatever it is he is on, and get some rest along with lots of fruits and veggies. He looks stressed and Im sensing a weird aura around him, but thats just my take from seeing him on video’s and such. Maybe in person its not as bad as it looks.

  3. I like the song. He’s still young, & his ego is likely out of control. Someone needs to tell him to sit down for a while…he’s kinda acting out. I hope he gets back to himself

  4. Man…..I will just say this. I am praying for Chris Brown. Dude is going through it and it’s obvious. That video was SO sad in ways I can’t even explain it.

  5. Jamari, I hope Chris isn’t on drugs. I remeber when I was in middle school, my mom used to talk about how she loved him so much because he seem like such a “clean cut” “good kid”. I hope he is okay because tbh this ERA sucked. The music wasnt poppin at all, and I feel like it was filled with drama. His ego does seem to have gotten big. Idk what is going on with him, but I hope Chris gets it together. Cuz im not here for this puny lil boy. Still love that nigga tho.

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