“a muscular and naked angel dropped out the sky and starts walking towards your car…”

“you let him inside because he needed a ride and then…

You let him inside
If you catch my drift…

what would you do if you were driving around in florida,
minding your business and the road ahead,
and a naked male with ^that kind of bawdy was on the sidewalk?
in a fantasy perspective,
that is how most flixxx start.
in reality,
that is how folks end up being on the news like this jackal…

i love how he was described:

Black male
Thick/Athletic build

that sounds like my type of party

…but i’ve learned anything living in new yawk,
this type of shit is usually attached to crazy.
if  i learned anything growing up in barbados,
a machete in a naked (she)jackal hand means run.
judging from what a foxholer sent me:

Volusia County deputies have arrested a local man who they say was naked when he attacked a land surveyor with a machete and tried to steal his clothes.

Deputies were first called to an area near the Volusia County Fairgrounds just before 10 a.m. Monday after the surveyor reported that a naked man had approached him while carrying a large machete-style knife.

The victim told deputies the man had been picking palmetto berries in the woods when he suddenly ran out of the brush waving the machete and demanding the victim’s clothes, wallet and phone.

Even though the surveyor followed his orders, deputies say the suspect eventually threw the machete and a handful of berries at him, but the victim wasn’t harmed.

The suspect, later identified as 34-year-old Brandon Wright, ran back towards the woods and fled the area in a white Dodge Challenger.

Deputies say it wasn’t the first time 34-year-old Brandon Wright had a nude run-in with law enforcement.

this isn’t the type of crazy you want to volunteer yourself to as tribute.
if i learned anything about people,
someone would take the risk for a hopefully big reward.

lowkey: it’s giving “naked and afraid”…
but the white people were afraid in this instance…

highkey: a foxholer sent me his fb…

( x see more here )

article cc: wftv

9 thoughts on ““a muscular and naked angel dropped out the sky and starts walking towards your car…”

  1. That’s some strong ass drugs he was on. Apparently he owed his dealer. They took all his clothes and left him defenseless. He found a machete and went for the first person he saw.

  2. Very sad. I hate to see Black men in this frame of mental deterioration . Whether it be drugs or perhaps a nervous breakdown.

    (He does have a great body though)

    1. It is sad…but scary. I see behavior like this a lot on my commute to work.
      Mental illness is real, and folks should not try to discount it. I remember one time this dude was parading back and forth in front of us, ranting and raving as we were waiting for the Express bus, and all of a sudden he just dropped his pants and started pissing in front of us. He had a look in his eye like I dare somebody to say something.

  3. I already knew it was Florida when I first read the story. Idk what kind of drugs they be on there but it’s some powerful shit!

    1. ^ i love how he politely laid on the ground,
      spread eagle,
      and put his hands behind his back for the police.
      we stan a considerate criminal.

      1. He’s probably a submissive vers top that would gladly bend over to have his cakes devoured.

  4. Yeah, he should never smile.

    I’m all for Black men smiling but he looks like an iconic Joker comic picture in that mugshot.

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