Put Some Respek On This Relationship

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 10.14.30 PMis toni braxton broke again?
that is the only explanation for this.

according to tmz,
she is allegedly dating birdman.
mr “croooooooo…
what happened to that boy?”
mr “put some respeck on my name”.

didn’t keyshia cole molly whop some snow bunny over birdman?
toni watch out!

lowkey: first sanaa and french montana,
and now this…

Author: jamari fox

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19 thoughts on “Put Some Respek On This Relationship

    1. ^Thank you! Neither do I.
      Money or no, Toni got too much respect for herself to even go there. LOL

  1. I was praying it was a rumor but I have seen videos today of Traci and Tamar and neither one denied it.Tamar usually clears up unfounded rumors about her or her family members.Today she said,”Are they together or are they in a relationship?”

  2. While yall out here playing, Toni B. said these damn bills aint gone pay themselves, she is just trying to keep up on the interest on all them payday and title loans she got out. That damn Beyonce is out here sucking up all the tour money and poor Toni B. is lucky to get two nights in a Casino in Indiana. Sometimes a mother has to call one of her ugly backups for a little extra cash, these kids today want Jordan’s and tons of Xbox games and Toni revenue aint what it used to be. I am sure as soon as all the accounting is settle from her lifetime movie she will be caught up again at least until Christmas. Make that money Toni I aint mad at ya.

  3. What’s really crazy is that she would date someone who allegedly swindles his artists when that supposedly happened to her.

  4. Hmm maybe this is a primo for the Aretha Franklin biopic and birdman is playing Aretha “R E S P E C K”

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