they gonna clean up tumblr like they did to times square

i always believed if something ain’t broke,
it’s best to not try to fix it,
but you can find ways to make it better.
tumblr is,
or should i font “was”,
a place where folks could go to express themselves.

whether it was the artsy or creatives,
even the baiters,
it was a place where you could be yourself.
tumblr has launched some careers too.
this one and his sausage got a full career launch:

it had no rules when it came to pornographic content.
well they decided to ruin many lives today.
in two weeks,
they will remove all adult content from their site.
they claim they want to be a better and more positive community.
this is some of the statement that they posted…

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transgenders might be no more pretty soon

scary alleged news for transgenders?
does “make america great again” really means “to be hateful af”?
which is why i feel sorry for the blacks and gays who are “pro trump”.
they really don’t know what fire they’re really stepping into.
i always equate it to those folks on the roof in “independence day”:

so the trump administration is allegedly planning on obliterating transgenders.
that means the word “transgender” won’t exist anymore if they pass this bill.
it will all go by your sex at birth.
this is the story from “the new york times”
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LE LUXE LE FOX: Spring Forward 2014

tumblr_m571r0BasS1r3a6jho1_500spring is here.
allergies soon after.
it came last friday and it couldn’t have been more welcomed.
in this welcoming of spring,
its bout that time.
time to “throw away” old things that are not needed.
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Victor Cruz Better Apologize Before He Loses That 43 Million Contract

tumblr_mpmegnffKx1qk5j8to1_500giants baller wolf victor cruz learned when you become a big star,
you can’t say just “anything”.
he shared his thoughts on “killerman” on twitter and quickly apologized.
 “hood vic” came out real quick on us…

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