Sit Your Ass Down (The Foxhole Is Being Punished)

to be put on hold.
in order to keep going,
you have to press play.
on pause,
things stop.
you are forced to think and be in your mind.
that was me last weekend.
i was sat down and i hated it…

i have been back and forth all last week with my hosting company.
they made me feel it’s my fault.
i “downloaded something” to cause this error.
all last week,
i was racking my brain trying to come up with a solution.
as i do more digging,
i find out it’s their fault.

you get too many visitors so it runs up our cpu usage.”

the fuck is that?
so i’m punished for my greatness?
they put the foxhole on pause because THEY fucked up.
instead of taking responsibility,
i was forced to sit down and wait.

i hated it.

i wrote those two entries and they went in the wash.
so i sat down because i know if i went the fuck off,
it wouldn’t have helped the situation.
i did end up watching two great shows.

13 reasons why
big little lies

i hated that i couldn’t font about them.
it’s a mess.
i’m grateful to all those who hit me up over the weekend.
i needed it.
they said the foxhole should be running smooth again.

any issues,
let me know.


lowkey: i think ima launch another side in the foxhole.
an emergency bunker.
in case my hosting company decides to be DICKS.
i can post over there until shit is resolved.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Sit Your Ass Down (The Foxhole Is Being Punished)”

  1. I like the intro to the story Jamari, also the style of the site kind of reminds me of my color palette when I design as well. The color and the layout, I feel like you went to art school with me. Also, I know you like to profile personal trainers, but did you hear the story about the Personal Trainer that went “Ape Shit” at Equinox.

    1. But it keeps changing between styles. I don’t know if that suppose to happen. Keeps going between this golden theme to the old blue theme

  2. It sucks the hosting company is doing this to ya, I had to go on the last entry and click on “NEXT” to even see this entry here. They don’t seemed to understand that this affects opportunities for you, who knows who could be trying to check out the foxhole but unable to see the most current updates. Keep your head up

  3. Glad everything is back on track J. I follow your Tumblr and I saw the Phaedra Update but couldnt pull it up on the sight, didnt know what was going on. Ready for all these stories we missed.

  4. Nice update Jamari, loving the color change, makes the site feel vibrant and exciting. Another help, are you hosting your mini clips on your hosting sites servers or 3rd party? You may have to invest into a video site like Vimeo or something to keep the bandwidth to a minimum for page load and content and videos off site.

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