“Control Part 2”: The New Janet?

you know i was waiting to talk about this…
so what happened janet?!
you had a cub with that billionaire gentle-wolf and dropped him?
i’m confused at these latest developments.
this is what people had to say…

Shortly after their son Eissa was born in January, Janet Jackson and Wissam Al Mana quietly separated.

A Jackson family source tells PEOPLE that the pop star and the Qatari businessman, who wed in 2012, recognized their dissimilarities more than ever after welcoming their first child.

“They separated shortly after the baby was born,” says the insider. “The cultural differences between her and Wissam became even more obvious [after Eissa arrived]. They come from very different worlds.”

The source continues, “For years, Janet tried to adapt to his culture. Since it’s not a culture she grew up with, it’s been challenging for her. She often felt she disappointed Wissam.”

PEOPLE confirmed Saturday that the youngest sibling of late pop superstar Michael Jackson had split from her husband. The New York Post‘s Page Six reported that while one source said it was an amicable split, another source says that Jackson, 50, felt that Al Mana had gotten too controlling during her pregnancy.

In the months since, however, “Janet is all about the baby and is okay,” the family source tells PEOPLE. “They will raise their boy together.”

is janet crazy?
isn’t she too old for the “i didn’t realize who he was” game?
didn’t she convert her religion for this wolf?
the women wear full garb to cover their bodies.
she even performed that way on that tour.
it sounds like there was more of a story.
either way,
you might be able to look forward for her tour continuing.

lowkey: is she even entitled to some money?

article taken: people

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on ““Control Part 2”: The New Janet?”

  1. Janet is too much of a sexual free spirit to be married to some ultra conservative Muslim..Honestly I don’t know how she lasted this long in that relationship. Middle Eastern men are notoriously controlling and Janet doesn’t seem like the type to be controlled, especially coming from the dysfunctional controlling family she comes from

    1. @KJD..I was thinking the same. She is too free-spirited to be with a Muslim man. I can only imagine his family’s expression when he told them who he was marrying, and they went back and watched her videos and performances! LOL

  2. What I don’t understand is when Janet released her statement she said she was separating not divorcing. I don’t celebrate people marriage ending, but I’m glad that she got out if he’s controlling which is alleged. Even though I was happy that Janet was on tour back in 2015 I was disappointed. That horrible outfit she wore through the whole concert, then not having any male dancers on stage, and not doing her sexy signature dance moves really had me disappointed. I understand that people grow and mature but Janet went to the extreme with some of the changes she did. Janet is known for being sexy, and for her to had abandoned that was really disappointing coming from a Janet fan. I knew her husband had that influence on her, and I do understand the Muslim religion is strict on certain things like that. I also feel there is more to this story that we will probably never know. Hopefully, I didn’t offend anyone of the Muslim religion, I just want the old Janet back. Of course I don’t want her act the same way she did in her 20s and 30s but she still can be sexy in her 50s. She shouldn’t have to abandon who she really is.

    1. I also want to add that Janet really didn’t look that happy in pictures with him. I mean they both smiled in some pictures but they seemed so serious. If you look at pictures of Janet and Jermaine Dupri, you could tell they were crazy about each other. She looked at Jermaine the same way Beyoncé looks at Jay, and the way Whitney looked at Bobby.

  3. I am sure there is more to the story like with any other separation, but we don’t need to know every detail. I know I don’t as a self-proclaimed Janet Fanatic. And I have a feeling other than child support she is not worried about being “entitled” to any of his money. Mutha is gonna be just fine.

  4. From some news reports an alleged prenup covers if they stayed married for 5 yrs, 10yrs and children, she gets x versus for less time and no kids she gets y which sounds similar to the prenup Beyonce and JayZ allegedly have. Who knows but the match of when they got married does line up with the 5yr point.

  5. Janet stayed long enough to get that 500 million for staying married for 5 years and another check for the next 18 years.

    I think Janet gets board with men. And if any man shows control issued like her father she exits. Control is her husband’s nature.
    I also don’t believe it’s ending as peaceful as they say.

    Males are scared in the Muslim culture and are important to keep the Bloodline going. There is more to the story

  6. okay first off this new site is sleek af, it’s gorgeous show them upgrades.

    now on to the subject, I think she saw some mannerisms that reminded her of her dad or something and that turned her off to this man.

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