ca$h out allegedly has the meats that makes my booty starts to cry

7-8 inches of meats is good enough for me.
i like a pipe that won’t come up through my mouth,
but at the same time,
i can still have the mario coins knocked out this booty.
once we start going bigger than that,
i will run away screaming bloody murder.
rapping wolf,
ca$h out,
has been the chat these last few years.

as you know,
he has ( x the meats ).
a vixen who started an onlyfans allegedly has ca$h out as her secret co-star.
her name is “prettygirlsandlongstroke” from atlanta.




*click “download as free member”

can we get really nasty for a sec?
i love when a wolf busts hard.
i’d let my wolf bust his kids all over my face and cheeks.
he seems to bust hard that it ( x covers her entire face ).

even tho the alleged video of him smashing her in the parking lot turned me on,
i gotta font that it’s better her than me.


i know there was a point she felt that shifting her skeletal lobe.
i love feeling my wolf on-top of me during missionary,
but a pipe like it’s only better for doggy and riding.
i’d suck on it,
but that’s about it.
you know how i feel about my foxhole and big meats.
if i gotta do breathing exercises while the head in barely inside:

… i’m sooooooooooooo*cough*oooooooooo good.
my foxhole is quivering just thinking about it.

“prettygirlsandlongstroke” is charging 35 bucks for her onlyfans:

you can check it out and give us the scoop.

check out her onlyfans: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “ca$h out allegedly has the meats that makes my booty starts to cry”

  1. I don’t know if anyone cares right now but she changed the onlyfans to free right now

  2. I said once and I’ll say it again…THIS NEEDS TO DO PORN!!! REAL PORN (whatever that is these days) and use his music as a back drop!! It just makes so much sense…Why doesn’t it make sense to him especially since he keep posting “HIS ROD” for everyone to see!!!

    1. He gonna have to work on that stroke a bit tho… I mean its pretty to look at but..😒😒😒

  3. Question: Do you guys like “Big Dicks ” because of physical stimulation or is it mental???

    Big dicks scare the fuck out of me( ha ha ha ) I really don’t understand this fascination .

    1. It’s hit or miss, sometimes it’s fun, other times it feels like death is near. Bless power bottoms, cus I’m not built for strong thrashings from Mandingo. Honestly I think the whole size thing is overrated. I’m sure I’m only speaking for myself though lol.

    1. I thought I was the only one, do you have a alternate site for vids like these jamari. The buffering is crazy.

  4. Jamari I have to disagree with you. 7-8 inches is like a lite snack before dinner lol
    Never leave home on a empty stomach. 9-10 plus inches is definitely a full course meal.
    If you’re not looking to rest after that meal something is very wrong.
    Cash out is definitely a pass out for me…I don’t want him lol

  5. Jamari, I’m sending cash out to your house to know the rings out your tail lmao! Collect your rings like sonic! I agree 7-8 is enough and then when you add girth to that… that’s another story lol. But beyond 8 you have to start giving that side eye

    1. ^i feel like a 7 or 8 is good enough to stroke better.
      i feel like the strokes is what makes the dick good.
      nothing worst than a big ass ca$h out knocking down your walls because the owner doesn’t know what he’s doing.

      1. Most guys think because it’s big and he drilling you that it’s ok because they see that on porn and some people allow them to do that. The stroke is what will reel in the person. If you got that stroke and perfect it…. the ass is yours forever lmao!

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