it seems like ricky martin’s nephew might be lying with these accusations

we can’t choose our family members.
my mother’s dying wish was for my sister and me not to get separated.
i took a lot of abuse from some family members,
 attacked by her guardian at the time,
and got gaslit as they spent all the money our mother left her.
when she told me how she was being hurt by family members,
i worked my ass off to have her live with me in new yawk.
she repaid me by trying to ruin my reputation,
nearly making me homeless,
and psychically attacking me in my crib.
my sister suffers from mental issues that she refuses to get help for.
we are currently estranged but i hope she is doing better.
ricky martin’s nephew,
dennis yadel sanchez,
seems to have similar traits as my sister.
according to ricky martin’s brother,
all of the incest/domestic violence accusations might be fake.
per daily mail

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Adrian Peterson’s Mug Shot Makes Me Laugh

BxaynYNIUAAI6WHremember when your parents use to say:


well adrian peterson’s latest mugshot screams…

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