Adrian Peterson’s Mug Shot Makes Me Laugh

BxaynYNIUAAI6WHremember when your parents use to say:


well adrian peterson’s latest mugshot screams…


i know that would been my parents.
by the time they got out of jail,
i’d be in witness protection.
tumblr_lhmdjvvp1Y1qe7ndvi’m just saying…
i was a bad kid who was always getting his ass handed to him.
it never failed i’d do some dumb shit and get in trouble.
i think the worst is when your parents beat your ass verbally.
you know those long talks about how disappointed they were.
like the ones that would last HOURS.
you know the verbal gut punches i’m talking about.
that was my teen years.
my father was OD with the talkin’.
my mother liked the violent method.some of adrian’s fellow baller wolves,
and other celebs,
shared their thoughts on twitter:

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 9.57.00 PMScreen Shot 2014-09-14 at 9.57.34 PMScreen Shot 2014-09-14 at 9.57.26 PMScreen Shot 2014-09-14 at 9.57.07 PMScreen Shot 2014-09-14 at 9.58.20 PM…i do believe the cub was too young,
but he shouldn’t lose his career over it.
just my thoughts.

6 thoughts on “Adrian Peterson’s Mug Shot Makes Me Laugh

  1. A Emergency Room doctor in Minnesota reported the child abuse to the police.A grand jury in Montgomery County,Tx indicted him after seeing over thirty welts on a four year boys body including multiple open cuts.This has nothing to do with the mother.Peterson knew he injured his son but decided not to seek medical attention.He will not go to jail because he has Rusty Hardin for an attorney.

  2. When I heard this story it brought back memories for me. When I was young, my my mom resolution to help me with math was a switch that peeled the skin off my inner thigh. When she realized what she did, I remember her pleading sorry yet I really didn’t understand why she had to stoop down to such level. Maybe it was out of frustration and she could have got me a tutor or went to Sylvan learning center but my mom couldn’t afford such luxury. Now 32yrs that scar is gone and yes those were the 80’s.

  3. I agree with the comments above, generally. I think that Adrian Peterson went too far when he cut the skin and caused bleeding and that he switched a 4 year old that much. I think that Adrian Peterson should get a talking to but no criminal record and no criminal proceeding. Now that it’s in the criminal system, he should get a requirement that he take parenting classes and wipe his record clean if he completes that!

    Being a good parent is not easy. I’m fairly confident that Adrian Peterson did what he did out of love and concern but seems to have gone overboard (with the broken skin and the child being 4 years old).

    Now, on to the child’s mother: Can there be any question that this would not be a police/criminal matter if the child’s mother did not have an ax to grind with Adrian Peterson? Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

    Jamari, I like that you wrote, “by the time they got out of jail, i’d be in witness protection”. And you’d deserve witness protection too. I never imagined dreamed of calling the authorities on my parents. Being a good parent is not easy and good parents don’t need their children, friends and relatives or the “authorities” running interference! And all to often others run interference with parental actions and the parent-child relationship is damaged, which harms both the parent and the child.

  4. I’m tired of people saying that they were whipped and beaten with switches when they were kids, it happened to them 25 plus years ago. No shit times have changed lol. People abuse their kids everyday, but not everyone gets caught.

    It’s not about Adrian losing his career, it’s about whether he gets locked up for it or not. I think he will be punished for it by the system, but he will play again.

    1. ^i think its just shocking because some people,
      especially black people,
      when they were younger.
      you are right about adrian getting caught,
      but i feel there is more to this story than is being said.

      1. I was beat as a kid, but marks were never left on my body tho. I haven’t got a whippin since age 10. I matured fast and I learned from my mistakes. The beatings didn’t help, I just grew out of it.

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