it seems like ricky martin’s nephew might be lying with these accusations

we can’t choose our family members.
my mother’s dying wish was for my sister and me not to get separated.
i took a lot of abuse from some family members,
 attacked by her guardian at the time,
and got gaslit as they spent all the money our mother left her.
when she told me how she was being hurt by family members,
i worked my ass off to have her live with me in new yawk.
she repaid me by trying to ruin my reputation,
nearly making me homeless,
and psychically attacking me in my crib.
my sister suffers from mental issues that she refuses to get help for.
we are currently estranged but i hope she is doing better.
ricky martin’s nephew,
dennis yadel sanchez,
seems to have similar traits as my sister.
according to ricky martin’s brother,
all of the incest/domestic violence accusations might be fake.
per daily mail

Ricky Martin’s nephew, who has accused him of incest and abuse, has ‘mental health problems’, according to the Livin’ La Vida Loca singer’s brother.

The revelation comes amid new claims that Ricky’s nephew Dennis Yadiel Sanchez has a lengthy criminal record in his native Puerto Rico and once threatened to kill a female co-worker.

Fox3Now reports that Sanchez’s colleague Claudia Ramrez Martell even took out a restraining order against him after he became ‘obsessed’ with her, repeatedly turning up outside their workplace saying he planned to murder her. 

On Friday, Ricky’s brother Eric Martin claimed in a Facebook Live video that Sanchez ‘has mental problems’.

The Latin singer’s older brother said that the 21-year-old, who is now estranged from the family, had hurt other relatives. 

He added that the family had been struggling to cope with Sanchez’s deteriorating mental health issues but that he was ‘tired of being quiet’ about them, though he said that he and his family still loved their troubled nephew.

this is one of the blessings of social media.
when tmz and people magazine posted this story,
it set the ball rolling for folks to side with the nephew.
the average person doesn’t know many celebs bts personally.
we don’t know anything besides what their pr team puts out there.
for many…

We can only go on what is presented to us.

when my sister was bad-mouthing me,
her cousin (rip) believed it until i spoke my side.
she saw many holes in my sister’s story after that.
my sister didn’t make it any better by how she was acting/treating people.
i hope these accusations against ricky martin are false tbh.
we will know which side to choose as the story continues to develop.
stay tuned.

article cc: daily mail

4 thoughts on “it seems like ricky martin’s nephew might be lying with these accusations

  1. Nothing but crickets. People had a lot to say saying he did it. Now it turns out he innocent, people quiet as a mouse

    1. Mentally ill people do get sexually abused. The genesis of the mental issues could be the abuse. It would be terrible to be raped and not believed because you have a excessively rich relative who can shit on you and have the maids clean up and cloak for you. Could be that his past behaviors are a symptom of what occured in his childhood.
      No innocence or guilt has been proven. Watch and wait.

      1. I’m with you on that. I was referring to the ones who didn’t wait and already judged him based off one allegation.

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