mustang exposes a promoter for his alleged scammery?

i learned a long time ago that in any business,
it is best to make sure you get a contract for any services rendered.

when we get jobs,
we sign contracts for them and ourselves.
anyone can say they’ll do something but once its in writing,
you have started a paper trail.
the male of many talents,
seemed to have learned very quickly about contracts with certain promoters.
he had to call the feds on promoter,
darryl wilson

…for allegedly scamming him.
a Foxholer sent in what mustang had to font

so if mustang is all of these things on his extensive resume

Why did he not get everything in writing?

the feds will ask if there were any contracts drawn up.
so i had to get the same Foxholer to break it down to me like i was 5:

so if my Foxholer knows that darryl is allegedly like this,
which means everyone else probably knows it as well…

Why not going into this knowing you might not be able to trust him and you gotta protect yourself?


3 thoughts on “mustang exposes a promoter for his alleged scammery?

  1. Welp, we here in the DMV know all too well about Mr. Daryl. He’s notorious for not paying the talent. Back in 2014 or 2015, he stiff David McIntosh (King David 85 on IG) out of his fee. David put his shit on blast so fast, he hurried up and got him his money but never worked with him again. He’s also been known to not pay the staff he recruits for events, so he fills most of his parties with family members so he doesn’t have to pay them. Daryl is a complete mess.

  2. I don’t know anything about this promoter but is “eligibility community” a nickname for the LGBTQ community🤔😂?

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