drevon odoms throws his whole back into the booty

*the following entry is rated xxx
viewer discretion is strongly advised

drevon odoms aka tanksnlove is sex.
out of all the “onlyfans” i’ve seen,
he has one of the best.
he gives you “good dick” in many different ways.
another thing i like about him is he isn’t scared to be controversial,
which many attentionistios are scared to do,
especially doing shit with other males.
adult star,
already for a naked massage and now he got…

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Rico Pruitt Career Is Now “L.I.T” (Porn Stars Are The New Actors?)

/the following is parental advisory and nsfw.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

so it wasn’t his performance in that “bba” debut?
so rico pruitt is heading towards sweeping awards season.
he is multi faceted in these forests.
he acts and does porn.
well rico pruitt is on a new series titled “l.i.t”.
he plays a character that moves to atl and gets into the fast life of stripping.
this is the trailer
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foXXX: Would You Ride This Mustang?

ridethismustangsince its hump day,
why not some hump day material?
it takes a couple things to get me off in a foxxx.
nice bodies.
nice pipes.
fat cheeks.
a+ stroke game.
facial expressions.
various positions.
sounds like past wolves ive messed with.
so i saw a video with this new p star named mustang.
his face is “eh”,
but his lips and body tho…….

786my favorite being his fat bumper.
pipe gets a good score too.
i hear he is a stripper so i see where he gets the moves from.
and of course this video is nsfw,
and “not for straight eyes”

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