did kenya’s need more ‘moore’ drama get her the boot?

Kenya Moore has done something outrageous because her peach is on the chopping block.

after stirring up all kinds of chaos on “rhoa“,
it looks like kenya moore might be no “moore”.
get it?
because her last name is…

never mind.

the rumor mill is churning with whispers about kenya atm.
i’m hearin’ that she is got fired to the entire season 16 being scrapped.
i’m confused why she would ( x allegedly show revenge porn ) at HER hair salon opening.
i think it’s just “created drama” to reel us in for the next season.
they’ve got to do something,

i mean,
if we’re being honest

Do these “housewives” even have anything left to say?

many of them aren’t even housewives.
they’re just collecting a guaranteed check.
it’s not hard to show up,
look cute,
and try to stir up drama to secure your spot for the next season.
we know regula degulas who are doing that right now.

from love & hip hop,
the entire zeus channel,
and now the housewives

Has the formula that once worked like magic run its course?

it’s either fighting,
or cheating and then fighting.
i had to wonder…

Are we just getting tired of the same old tropes in reality TV?

bad enough,
it’s only a majority black folks.
if they involve a white person in the mix,
they are the ones who end up rich or with some kind of career.
we’ve got enough drama from our government,
the current social climate,
and our facebook feeds to keep us entertained for a lifetime.

Do we really need more from random narcs on television?

lowkey: reality TV was golden when it first started.
it’s getting stale.
i think we have moved on to caring about reg. narc A try to date reg. narcs B C D and F.

1 thought on “did kenya’s need more ‘moore’ drama get her the boot?

  1. Unless someone just dog walks a bitch, there is no point looking. I quit watching after Claudia Jordan left. That ENTIRE FRANCHISE IS DONE!!!! It has been played out. All the fake marriages, weddings, rap careers, clothing lines launched, business openings. Bring Dwight Eubanks, Miss Lawrence, Derek J, Saucy Santana and a couple of married rich tops that love struggling cute femme bottoms in: that would spice it up.

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