you can find me at the end of the rainbow

if you ask any mariah stan,
they’ll tell you “rainbow” is her worst album.

if you ask me

It’s in my top 5.

“rainbow” dropped when mariah was breaking free from sony.
it is sort of a throwaway album for her.
she recorded it in like,
3 months.
the album weaves a tale of dating/fallin’ the wrong wolf,
and the messy journey of finding yourself.
by the end of it…

The protagonist (which is us) thanks the LAWD for finding the rainbow after the storm.

i remember when “heartbreaker” first hit the airwaves.
it had me in a chokehold.
i remember watching this in all my little lamb glory.

’99 was a stellar year for music tbh.
i begged Mum to buy “rainbow” for me when it first dropped.
as a kid,
i didn’t fully grasp where mariah was coming from,
but as an adult…
these songs hit entirely different to me right now:

i ALWAYS loved this interlude.
i was such a sad little fox.

Fast forward to last week: I was walking to the store,
opened up apple music,
and there it was – Mariah dropped the 25th anniversary of “Rainbow.”

i’ve been listening to it on repeat since.
it feels comforting atm and makes me think of ”99 when Mum was alive.
she even got that muthafucka in dolby atmos for a whole new experience.
this new track is everything:

i love the last part when she goes in.

i’ve come to learn music isn’t a popularity concert.
someone’s worst album can speak to you deeply and personally.

you need to hear the message within the rainbow.

it can heal you.

lowkey: i saw on genius that mariah remade this song and it was supposed to be on “rainbow”…

but they had j.lo sing it for her album too:

they made mariah take it off hers and it’s currently on j.lo’s debut album.

3 thoughts on “you can find me at the end of the rainbow

  1. I love this topic, but can I slightly pivot . Jamari and everyone else, what’s the opinion on the Whitney Houston vs. Mariah Carey debate that was recently sparked by the comments that Tamar Braxton made?

    We all know what “ I Will Always Love You” did for Whitney and the Whitney of the 80s was nothing to play with, she definitely had the hits ( 11 #1’s); but I do find that I rock with Mariah Carey heavy. I know we listened to Mariah heavy in the black community but for some reason I feel like she doesn’t get the credit or recognition she deserves. When RollingStone made their list of the top 200 singers Aretha Franklin was #1(I can agree), Whitney Houston was #2 (I can agree), but Mariah Carey was #5 and it had me scratching my head . Even when there are these discussions of the greatest artist/singers/entertainers of all time Mariah is never brought up. Why is there this public dismissal of Mariah but behind closed doors we quietly acknowledge that we rock with her?

  2. Rainbow was the first Mariah album I owned. I was 14 and loved it! Bliss is my favorite Mariah song of all time! I thought I was the only one who loved Vulnerability too! Man this album takes me back to a TIME!

  3. To me, Glitter is her worst album and it STILL has 2 of my favorite songs of hers. I absolutely LOVE Rainbow. Bliss just does it for me

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