i’m absolutely confused with this meghan markle situation (foxhole, help)

remember ^this moment?
this was during the honeymoon phase OR the beginning to the start of the shit show.
meghan markle had all these folks wanting to be swept up by royalty.
a “not so known” actress landing a prince and being part of a royal family.
it gave hope to all of us who want to date “up” and not dumpster dive.
well last night,
the opposite to that fantasy was revealed during the exclusive oprah interview.

Life behind the scene for Meghan Markle was not what it seemed.


i watched bits and pieces before i turned to the all-star game,
but i will ask a controversial question to the foxhole community

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The Plot Twist of All Plot Twists: The Royal Edition

the plot twist.
that moment in life when the unexpected happens.
i love a plot twist.
Lord knows,
i can stand for a good plot twist right about now.
now plot twists are exactly simple shit.
it isn’t like walking into a store and bumping into an unexpected sale,
the “someone you want to fuck” answering your message on jack’d,
or jackals/hyenas hating on your outfit during some big event.
oh no.
plot twists are you getting hired to manage the store with the sale,
getting the marriage proposal from that “someone”,
or all your haters dropping dead because of a deadly case of food poisoning.
it’s life changers that you will remember years from now.
you know who had the biggest plot twist?
this black-ish sista vixen…

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