The Plot Twist of All Plot Twists: The Royal Edition

the plot twist.
that moment in life when the unexpected happens.
i love a plot twist.
Lord knows,
i can stand for a good plot twist right about now.
now plot twists are exactly simple shit.
it isn’t like walking into a store and bumping into an unexpected sale,
the “someone you want to fuck” answering your message on jack’d,
or jackals/hyenas hating on your outfit during some big event.
oh no.
plot twists are you getting hired to manage the store with the sale,
getting the marriage proposal from that “someone”,
or all your haters dropping dead because of a deadly case of food poisoning.
it’s life changers that you will remember years from now.
you know who had the biggest plot twist?
this black-ish sista vixen…

meghan markle.
an okay actress,
on a hit show,
now being engaged to a whole supernova baller wolf.
did she wake up the day they met and say to herself:

ima go do some pilates,
read some scripts,
and run into a random prince harry on my way to get some coffee.
that’s gonna be my wednesday.”

if only we could all be so lucky.
this is the thing with the “plot twist”.
you never know when it’s gonna happen or how.
shit just manifests and we have to be ready for it.
those “that can’t happen because…” is absolute bullshit.

“he wouldn’t date you…”
“you can’t get that lifestyle…”
“folks don’t even know you/you aren’t popular enough…”
“they won’t accept you because of skin color/sexuality/age/money…”

all bullshit.
the real key is good things come to those who wait,
but we still have to keep working on keeping your shit together.
it’s a concept i struggle with at times,
but i hope all of my hard work will pay off in the end.
our biracial vixen let me know the plot twist is definitely real.

lowkey: i love this…

“was he nice?”
“i didn’t know who he was…”

she needs to write the book to help the attentionistas.
maybe even the attentionistos.
they a whole lost out here in this dating world.
i know the racist hyenas are having meltdown.
“the daily mail” had the best ones.
i know her mother must be thrilled:

i love this story!
another win for sistas!

picture credited: ny times | reuters

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “The Plot Twist of All Plot Twists: The Royal Edition”

  1. How is this a win for “sistas?” When this family has ties to innocent children being killed? When will you stop equating status and money to love / success.

    1. It’s not a “win” for anybody but Meghan, she secured a lifetime of doing nothing and getting paid and VIP access

  2. I’m happy for her and I hope they make it down the aisle, but why are we (black people) trying to invite her to a barbecue the the most likely wont attend?

    That said, though I don’t really care about British royalty, I will watch this wedding.

    1. THIS. So glad when I come across black gay/bi men with a sense of pride. I’m legit sick of seeing black people put other races on a pedestal all over the internet. Many do it subconsciously and many know that they’re doing it. Heterosexual black men are the worst at this. It makes me sick. People were acting as if this was a “WIN” for black women LMAO I cannot. No shade but who gives a fuck?

      Honestly I’m not surprised that a white man is marrying a racially ambiguous looking mixed woman because guess what? White men do it all the time! The prince isn’t exempt. My aunt is also a racially ambiguous looking biracial woman and her ex husband is Italian, he still had his prejudiced views after their divorce so that spoke volumes.

      People are acting as if this man brought Lupita Nyongo into the family, and even if he did, so what? I’m going to need a lot of these black people to grow some pride. Would you ever see White people as a collective celebrating if African or Asian royalty (who isn’t even the heir btw) brought a white person into the family? I highly doubt it. This really shows you how colonialism is a MF and how POC really worship White people. It’s gross.

      Plus to my knowledge, Meghan always seemed like those biracial people who only dated their white side, and whatever more power to her, but I don’t get the reason of celebration. I really don’t.

      She gives me “All Lives Matter” tease lol but that’s none of my business

  3. Congrats to Meghan and Harry on their engagement.I didn’t watch William and Kate’s wedding but I will definitely watch Meghan and Harry’s wedding because she is a WOC and an American.I have been laughing at the GIFs and Memes of her family (black side) doing the Wobble ,Electric Slide, Cha Cha Slide,Cupid Shuffle,etc at the wedding reception.Lol😂😂

  4. Love this! I met her here in Los Angeles and she was so nice. I love love and I really hope they have a successful marriage.

  5. I find it funny how some black folk are quick to call Obama black and act like Meghan ain’t black too. They are both 50% white, 50% black. Correct me if I am wrong but I don’t know that Meghan has ever denied her blackness.

    1. Exactly!…stop it people…I’ve met pure blackedy-black people who acted like they didn’t know they were blackedy-black, so leave this child alone…

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