How You Can Get In Some Ass With The Power of Speaking It Into Existence

^this is how ya’ll dating now?
so this landed on my twitter tl and i had to share with the foxhole.
the power of speaking things into existence!
“dgaf” danielle met the wolf of her dreams.
she posted this image a year ago:

it led this wolf responding back:

peep the year because it’s important to this.
well check his reply that made her absolutely wet…

i guess he ended up getting in it because this is a recent photo…

the cub is due this january.
i guess they hit it off right after he tweeted that.
see what happens when you shoot your shot?
it looks he has been dropping his shot in others tho.
this is another vixen who was also pregnant by him:

he is a prize.
good to see “dgaf” danielle is so humbled.
i’m sure there won’t be any drama for them.
at all.
just remember tho:

oh yeah.
i’m sure that’s gonna make for a great motivational story.
for those who were so concerned about what she is naming the cub:

i hope you’re able to sleep tonight.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “How You Can Get In Some Ass With The Power of Speaking It Into Existence”

      1. People REALLY need to examine/think about who they chose to pro-create with! They had to be dating what, three or four months before she got knocked up?! That’s too soon to be having a baby by someone. That’s still the “getting-to-know-you” stage. Things are still good, but shortly after that, and definitely once you get knocked up…all goes to hell, and ANOTHER baby mama shows up on the scene. LOL

  1. Her text was evil. Regardless of whether you dislike someone or not, she lost a child…a child with the same low life that made a baby with her. Women are funny like that. They take the animosity/frustration out on the other woman, but readily take the dude back. WTF?!
    I have to laugh at dummies like this. He’ll be back with “Yana” in no time, or the next chick…and “Jeremy” will have a baby bro/sis before you know it.

    1. I was waiting for someone to point THAT out more than anything. Did that Tweet Me On Tuesday B**CH just celebrate the death of someones child and is on social Media bragging about her baby and talking about karma? WHAT!!!! Ohh she is in for a surprise.

      I already thought this post was gonna be about a dumb dumb but when I saw that tweet she posted. I was fuming. You stupid narrcasitic tramp! You have to show your ass on social media for likes and you baited a man that didn’t notice your beauty first, just the booty.

      If any man approached a secure female the way he did, she would have shut his ass down immediately. All these social media harlots do is crave attention

      I apologise for calling her all that stuff but stuff like this is infurating. She’s really cute too but he ain’t. And I’m so done with these straight nigglets pussy pouncin impregnating and pushing on out. I mean if he taking care of all his kids…I guess…idk. I just think it’s fawked up

      Like mama, how you meet daddy? 😮

      He slid in my DM’z on Twitter and then slid in me and out came you. 🤗

      What does that mean mama?🤔

      You’re a retweet son. 🙂

      Ugh, heterocity of these folks these days. 🙄

  2. Ole girl is easy if thats all it took to slide in her DMs & guts, he aint nothin id wanna have a baby by, and she could use a teeth whitening kit…jus sayin

    1. These young girls fall for the dumbest lines, but considering she was still taking pics on the kitchen sink we can take a good guess on what type of girl she was from jump

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