I See You, Ramses Principe

i have a lowkey crush on ramses principe.
ramses is a1 in my eyes.
for one,
you can sense how genuine he is.
i don’t get a bad spirit from that one.
his whole aesthetic turns me on.
he has the best rump in the business.
he’s really getting into this modeling thing heavy….

i’m glad he did something about the shoes.
i hated those worn out brown loafers.
ramses is also cultured,
it seems.
he was on a “eat pray love” the last few months.
he visited italy,
and other spots.
i enjoyed living vicariously in all the shots he took…

*insert heart eyed emojis here*
i really want to travel the world one day in the near future.

now he was with that model vixen,
the one he was calling his “rib”,
but i’m wondering if they’re still together?
no offense,
but that relationship looked very one sided to me.
he looked more into her than she was of him.
for some vixens,
that is usually a good thing,
but i wasn’t getting a spark from those two.
i could be wrong.
if they aren’t together.
then i’m sure ramses will bounce back.

do you see the face bawdy smile focus on that wolf?
he’ll be snatched back up in no time.

lowkey: you know i love watching him work out…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “I See You, Ramses Principe”

  1. I think what I like best about Ramses is that he is about his business, first and only. He’s not goofy like these other attentionistos. He doesn’t have a connectpal or an onlyfans. He doesn’t speak a lot which only adds to the mystery of his true personality. No one put him on to game via a Marvin Biename or Foto119. He built his brand by himself, ground up. That should be respected.

  2. To keep from sounding like the elephant in the comments, Ill go along with the flow and acknowledge that he has a nice look.

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