Joe Budden Has Some Time For L.A. Reid

the best thing joe budden could do is start talking.
i mean with his “the joe budden podcast” and youtube show,
“everyday struggle”.
joe budden became a star again because of that deep voice and intellect.
i listen/watch his programming faithfully as soon as it’s uploaded.
aside from all the “drama” joe budden has,
he has never been one to bite his tongue.
so music exec,
l.a. reid,
allegedly got fired from epic for alleged sexual harassment.
joey hates l.a. reid.
he had a lot to say about l.a. on “everyday struggle” about it.
no “allegedly” either…
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Frank Ocean’s Alleged Boy Toy Is Pretty Like A Girl

so as you know,
or didn’t,
frank ocean released a song called “chanel”:

i can dig it.
well he mentioned in the song that “my guy is pretty like a girl”.
an f-bi sent me the alleged male that lyric might be about.
according to my f-bi:

“hey jamari, did u hear about dude frank ocean is *allegedly* boning? he was in franks magazine, is the profile pic of his “blonded radio” thing and someone saw them at a concert together a while ago…”

well i’m always down for a good brew.
everyone meet ysham
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Hillary Clinton Just Needs Sum Tussin, Is All

if you’ve heard

What’s up wit Hillary Clinton?

she has all the forests talking about her fainting episode today.
this is what the new york times had to say…
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Simone Biles Is Just “Her”; Not Reppin’ Black Tho

164887this was the story i was posting before that “contact(mi)” story.
so everyone meet simone biles.
she’s a 19 year old gymnast vixen,
who has won 14x worlds medalist,
currently performing at the 2016 olympic games,
and some of “our folks” have a problem with her.
well it started when she admitted she was a huge kim kardashian stan.
you know that was strike one.
word got to kim and she sent love to simone like so…
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