brandy verzuz monica: the battle between the r&b princesses!

i grew up listening to both brandy and monica.
they are both heavy parts of my growing up.
never say never” and “after the storm” hit real different when you grow up.
well tonight is a big night for the culture.
i think millennials are gonna be front row for…


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Get ready for the queens! @Brandy and @MonicaDenise on #VERZUZ! Monday, August 31st, 8PM EST on our IG and Apple Music. Drinks by Ciroc

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i mean they’re stats are incredible:

i don’t have a favorite out the two.
if asked,
i guess you can say i was drawn to brandy more,
but monica had a ton of bops.
it’s tough to pick one for me.

Who was your favorite out the two?

their albums and songs have touched me in many ways.
either way,
i’ll be there at ( x 8pm EST sharp at verzuz tv ) for this showdown.

see ya’ll there!

lowkey: star fox was a huge brandy stan.
it makes me sad he isn’t here to witness this.

11 thoughts on “brandy verzuz monica: the battle between the r&b princesses!

  1. Brandy left a lot of singles and WHOLE albums out.

    Monica pretty much played all of her hits.

    When Brandy played “When You Touch Me” I lost it!

    If we’re comparing music back in their prime, both will ALWAYS be neck and neck because everyone back then worked with the same producers and had quality music.

    Side note: Can we all read between the lines and agree Brandy is very likely Bipolar? I feel like she’s alluded to it and it explains how her personality comes across to others.

      1. Her child is 18 years old LMAO!

        I attributed most of her odd behavior to how most artists are lol

        It’s easy to forget Brandy was a really wholesome brand. That was a big part of why she was successful commercially. She was a goody two shoes. Monica was a bit spicier. Lol

  2. Monica’s live voice matches her studio voice. Brandy reminds me a bit of Christina Aguilera. Too many adlibs.

    1. her live from 2002, maybe. The lives from the past 20 yeas have been filled with yoddles, goat noises and neck rolls. Along with forgotten music, Brandy released her receipts, and STILL held back. The night was hers. While Monica sat there sassy faced and sang to a convict who can’t see this battle anyway. What kind of woman professes her love for a man she says she couldn’t forget, even though she had 3 kids, 2 baby daddys and a husband.

      1. This, Brandy SANGS…Monica also sings really good, but whereas Brandy’s voice has aged beautifully and she’s explored more of her voice Monica has just stayed in her lane which isn’t bad but as a vocalist you have to be multi-faceted and out of the three Monica was always the most basic musically. Beautiful voice but she never tried anything to challenge herself like Aaliyah and Brandy.

  3. It’s Brandy for me, both ladies have great voices, but Brandy’s tone for me I takes the cake, it’s this raspy but sweet/innocent tone that I find very dreamy, that and the fact that I got “Never Say Never” when I was in 5th grade and I STILL could listen to that whole album with no skips lol and of coarse “Moeisha”

  4. it’s so hard to pick. I think monica had the better debut album, but never say never is a classic. brandy’s 90s voice is my favorite. I think brandy is your girl if you like ballads and Monica is your girl if you want something with more edge.

    Ps. listening to the battle you notice how much brandy’s voice has changed; it is much deeper. Monica was able to sing along to her songs in the original key. both are legends at this point.

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