pretty things don’t always need to be put on pedestals

the pedestal.
it can either sit high above everything or it’s reserved for special things.
i’m realizing i have an issue with the things i put on pedestals…

when i like someone,
or they show me they’re real (“real” is such an awful word now),
i want to be around them.
they often see that i’m different,
good energy,
and they want to do the same.
so i put them on a pedestal and they do the same for me.
so i think.
i’m starting to realize:

Many of the folks I put on pedestals don’t deserve to be there

let’s break them,
shall we?

often times,
they are revealed to be really selfish people.
i’ve been really silly.
2020 has shown that i’ve put the wrong folks (outside my friends) i’ve put on pedestals.
we shared special moments,
but they were either reasons or seasons.

do you know i spend more time with you all?

this side of my life gives me so much more support.
i go on my personal accounts,
sprinkle some razzle dazzle,
show love,

and then i sign tf out.
peace sign
until next time.
many of the folks i thought i were cool turned out to be emotionally unavailable people.
i seem to be a magnet for those types.
it’s those masks that fool you.
the ones that are so pretty and extravagant that distract you from what’s underneath.

Everyone is dealing with their own issues,
but is it hard to respond back to a message?

this is what happens when you put your faith in average folks.
i tend to be stupid at times.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “pretty things don’t always need to be put on pedestals”

  1. I feel you’re being to hard on yourself. You made some great points. One we must always determine the purpose someone comes into our orbit…for a reason..season..or a lifetime.
    This takes ability which only comes with experience when were young we always place everyone we meet on a pedestal its natural.
    But after kissing a few frogs that didn’t turn into princes as we hoped we begin hopefully we begin to gain discernment and realize not everyone as you fonted deserves to be placed on that pedestal and that my friend is a lesson learned.
    Well done grasshopper…well done.
    Now off to learn the next lesson in life.

  2. Wow Literally went through this with someone I really liked but cut off. The emotionally unavailable part spoke volumes. But I came to realize that most of the time it’s not personal. 3 people who haven’t hit me up for a while I checked on thinking it was something I did. (2 are friends) the other one I have a “thing” with. Literally ALL three of them some transparent and some more in a subtle way told me they were depressed. Which made sense because they were even absent from social media for periods of time. We get sensitive when we like people, and put them on that pedestal you speak of, which is why we feel a way when they disappear. But depression is no joke, while we’re thinking people are being rude behind closed doors they’re really going through it. Some people have impeccable poker faces. Comedians are a good example of that. Everything that glitters ain’t gold.

    However, if you’re making a constant effort to bond with someone and there’s no responsiveness at all. Close that door and fast. No matter what someone’s going through there’s no excuse for them to deliberately ignore you, because you could be depressed too. A relationship is not worth having if reciprocation is nonexistent.

  3. I think since it’s so easy to communicate via social media, video conference and text that we take each other for granted.

  4. but is it hard to respond back to a message?

    No, it’s not. There is somebody who will be busy at work, but still call you on their break, or after tell you all that happened because they want to share their world with you. This doesn’t even have to be bae. Jamari, you are the mysterious owner of a up-and-coming(Your time is around the corner) website. You don’t need to send for them. Celebrities don’t have to approach anyone. You will have them come to you. Focus on expanding your business. That will keep away the intimidated ones and attract the ones drawn to your ambition and drive. You want friends who genuinely scream out over little things like tons of hits, a sponsorship, recognition…

    Your website will never leave you on read, downplay your success, compare you to others or make you feel inferior. Put time into it and you and the rest will follow.

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