Brandy Either Got A Food Baby or a Whole Pregnancy

so brandy is allegedly pregnant.
that is the word through the forests today.
the baby father is allegedly this wolf:

sir the baptist.
i just snickered.
it seems like a secret,
but kim from “the parkers” aka countess vaughn may have spilled the beans…

i really hope this is a rumor.
brandy is looking real unhinged right about now.
she seems to like this one a lot tho.
this was the video he put up on his ig:

so where does the alleged snow bunny play into all of this via fameolous:

well on lighter news,
this is the most pr she has had in a while.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Brandy Either Got A Food Baby or a Whole Pregnancy”

      1. She said in a interview with You know I Got Soul that he is simply a inspiring. He is just a good friend.

    1. I read he is an up and coming rapper.

      IDK if Countess is being messy but she posted a pic of Brandy and her Boo on her page and congratulated Brandy on her baby AGAIN and then deleted it.Now people are thinking Brandy is lying.

      Rule of Thumb NEVER congratulate a woman on her pregnancy unless she has announced it or told you she is pregnant.Because if you are wrong you might get cursed out or cut😂.

  1. This whole relationship has to be for publicity. Brandy can’t be that dumb to let an ugly light skinned nigga swindle her? Right?

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