Madea Tells Mo’Nique She Don’t Suck D No Mo

so as you know,
mo’nique said she spoke to tyler perry about their issues.
from ( x the last entry ),
she said she was gonna address it on her comedy show over the weekend.
this is what she had to say via the shade room

even tho this is comedy and all,
that was high key doing too much.
this will only let everyone see that when mo’nique gets mad,
she will go left and throw you under the bus.

Is this really how you handle beef with your ex bosses tho?

with what i went through with my old bosses…

Would the foxhole be okay with me doing what Mo’nique is doing?

if it was you (yeah, you),
i’d be pulling you to the side for a quick pow wow.
let’s see what mo’nique does next!

12 thoughts on “Madea Tells Mo’Nique She Don’t Suck D No Mo

  1. The truth is and what everyone is missing is that Monique isn’t here for the mainstream and kiss a** to get by. She is far from gay bashing and her and her hubby are very pro-gay. Just listen to her podcast. She is making her money regardless and is not willing to sell out for roles on Hollywood as many do only to not like themselves in the end because they didn’t get their on their merit but laying on their back whether literal and metaphorically. What Monique is dealing with happens across the board and I’m proud of her for making the decision whether she chose this in the begin or not to take a stand and say my gift should be enough. Oprah, Tyler, and who else are God. They are only powerful BC we the public have given them that power. Remember when Oprah started her network and no one was watching that ish. We control who gets in power but were to stupid to realize it so we should hand it over. The mere fact that people are say Monique’s ability to speak her truth will get her blocked from films is sad and tells just how messed up the world is. I hope her and her husband will start there own production and make there own movies FCK them Monique we are proud of you never be afraid to be who you are for a few dollars. What is it to gain the world and loose your soul.

  2. At the point, I’m tire of Monique and the whole nonsense .
    I do not care who is right or wrong.

  3. Damn Monique I was trying to half way see where you was coming from but this right here pretty much shows that you just gone take the ratchet road, and always handle problems like you a East Baltimore Hood Rat. It is one thing to be outspoken but this right here is uncalled for. It sort of reminds me of Jamie Foxx when he would get ratchet on his radio show, and mainstream audiences where upset and turned against him. She is pretty much gone be confined to the Chitlin circuit after this rant goes viral. She is saying what a a lot of Black people are thinking and what a lot of Black people in the hood say about Tyler but when you are an Academy Award winning actress you got to pull up a little. She is going to be lucky to get a spot on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. This was borderline gay bashing. Of course Black comedy is different and not even close to being mainstream but she by default of her Oscar is mainstream. If she does get roles it will be for stereotypical “Bad Black Mama” roles that some white studio will produce to make our people look bad. She needs an intervention.

    1. ^omg i thought that i was the only one thinking it was an alleged gay bashing undertones.
      im really trying to see where she is going with this.
      so she talks to tyler,
      bigs him up for the conversation,
      and then throws him under the bus via stand up?


  4. Lol…okay, who knew or cared wtf where she was or was doin before all this?…now, she’s trending at the top of all SM platforms…whether good or bad, attn is attn and can be possibly parlayed into bills gettin paid…cause u already know some dummy out there already tryina craft a reality show of her struggle comeback all the while she throwin left field verbal jabs at ‘those at top’ (cause ain’t nobody tryina watch the activities of daily living of the aggressive hairy-legged one and her annoying cucknegro without this drama) further sabotaging her crumbling career…of course that would certainly be the final nail!

  5. So, I may catch a little flack, but Mo’Nique has always been extra. That is who she is. I dont know if you all have seen her Podcast with her husband. They went into detail about all the beef.

    One thing that a lot of people don’t know is how small the the pool is for Black actors. That community it very small. What’s sad is that many of them take in the attitudes of our paler brethren and start treating the rest of “us” like the help. When Jada was boycotting the Oscars that year her hubby didn’t get a nomination, it was later released that they have had their own production company for a while, but they don’t hire many people of color. Hell, Will and Jayden are always features.

    Mo’Nique is a brand. Will she ever get to Oprah, Tyler or Lee status? Who knows? What I do know is that she is going to do her like she always has.

  6. I like Monique, I feel she is a great actress and very funny comedian. I loved her on The Parkers, I still love to watch the reruns. I watched the hour long video she did with her husband and granted I get where she is coming from, but damn she sounds so bitter. I hate to write this, but I feel her husband does not have her best interest in all this. I just want to know why know, when all this stuff happened years ago, she claimed she has always been saying this but I feel it would of gotten out back then. I feel she will continue to make money from comedy, but of course people probably will not want to work with her on films, and maybe she is fine with that.

  7. some people just need to watch Frozen and let it go. while it may be fucked up…she said what she had to say and it’s not changing anything. the only person losing sleep over it is her

  8. Maybe I missed some things..but why is she saying all this stuff about Tyler, Oprah, and Lee Daniels now? The movie was years ago! Also what is she trying to get out of this? A phone call? Movie role? Stock advice to flip her money? Someone help me understand

  9. After that she won’t be getting a call back. I swear I think this is gonna end up bad for her.

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