lil’ kim gets an old paint job for her new look

i looooooooooovveeeee ^this picture of her.
lil’ kim
is one of my favorite female rappers.

I’ve fonted that many times before.
you know she is a july cancer too.
she comes off like she has a kind and loving spirit.
like many cancers,
that often leads to the wrong company trying to destroy your life.
I’ll admit I haven’t been keeping up with her as of late.
last I saw her,
it felt like it was no secret that she has body dysmorphic disorder:

I dunno who has been doing her makeup as of late,
but this is how she is looking for this year’s fashion week…

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You Can’t Sit With Them

tumblr_nch7qmpN1F1r95xroo1_500check that heavy side boob action.
so is this ye and kim…

or kim and her good girlfriend?
how does she allow him to fuck her?
serious question.
when i think of a wolf fuckin’ the shit out her

ye never comes to my mind.
maybe he got that official
its always those weirdos that have your head stuck in the headboard.

*picture credited to owner.

X Marks The F0x: Swizz Tryna Beat?

I knew the day would come Alicia Keys would be singing her song “Karma”…
…to herself.
Seems the songbird lucked out and realized that how you get em is how you lose them…

Check this out and you’ll see…

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X Marks The F0x: So I Met An R/B Singer Yesterday…

I love being this brand I created/creating!

I get to meet all these celebs and they never know it is me.
I would never be some rag mag blog like Perez or Bimbo Jones,
but I love mingling and reporting back to my Foxes and Wolves.
Trust if something GOOD happened, it would all be in wonderful FOX code.

Thank God my secrets were not written on my forehead when I met Omarion yesterday…

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Matt Barnes Likes Her Candy Deep Throat


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