The Fox, 2014 Fashion Week, and FTW

POST_BLOG1-600x400guess which fox is headed to fashion week 2014?
like in a few hours…

tumblr_lyz5zsQtOs1rnjbgoo1_500 she might be there,
but no,
not her.
i’ll be there tho!
not sitting front row yet,
but definitely working backstage.
i volunteered to assist at a few shows this week.
how did this happen?
something in my spirit told me contact my #nyfw connect last week.
i decided to go with it.
since it was so last minute i didn’t get much,
but i am so grateful for the opportunity.
i haven’t worked it in a while,
this is pretty much my career and that always comes first.
so “i’m booked”  for a few shows from now until sunday.
…as for the plantation,

tumblr_m3f88bUzsb1qg39ewo1_500“i’m sick”.

lowkey: any good “kermit/tea cup” moments,
you know i’ll update.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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