X Marks The F0x: So I Met An R/B Singer Yesterday…

I love being this brand I created/creating!

I get to meet all these celebs and they never know it is me.
I would never be some rag mag blog like Perez or Bimbo Jones,
but I love mingling and reporting back to my Foxes and Wolves.
Trust if something GOOD happened, it would all be in wonderful FOX code.

Thank God my secrets were not written on my forehead when I met Omarion yesterday…

I have been working and attending some Fashion Week events ever since it started.
My boss has lost his mind, but at least I get to be part of the madness that this week brings.
The lights. The fashion. And all the celebs who attend.
My boss and I went to one show and after it was over, we went backstage to meet the designer.
The designer was talking to a number of people and then enters our favorite Celeb Fox/Wolf/Hybrid, Omarion.

I have to admit, he is really fine in person.
He is really short though.
What I liked was that he was very down to earth, smelled good, and his style was pretty fresh.
He was wearing a white shirt, dark green shorts, and some derby shoes.
The outline of his back that shirt was doing something to me.
He was very “in” with his fashion sense which was impressive.
He came with his brother O’Ryan
(who was taller and I think had a earring in his damn nose.)
and some dude who I thought was Urkel in this fly ass blazer.
Manager or publicist, maybe?
Omarion is pretty much always at Fashion Week and we have run into each other but never introduced.

It was a very quick introduction and he was out.
Plus, a Fox was tired and could only think about leaving my boss and running out the door.

Sidebar: O, I liked all that ice...

And yes, he has a fat ass in person for all my Wolves out there
I am sure if no one was around, we would have talked more.
He was being pulled in every which direction so it was hard to actually talk to him.

Oh well…
Next time, right?

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  1. ^^^Both of what they said

    Though I understand the groping, since you’re being professional…but if you happen to bump into him and your hands slides around it…*shrug* — or are we thinking too wolf-like? lol

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