lil’ kim is still mad at naturi naughton

imagine still being bitter about a movie that came out close to 10 years ago?
that would be lil’ kim and the movie would be “notorious“.
sidebar: i was on the set of that film.
i don’t ever want to film another concert scene again.
she went on “hollywood unlocked” and pretty much slammed naturi naughton for playing her.
as much as i love her,
this isn’t her finest hour…

start @26:20

it’s over baby girl.
legit over.
the movie gotta be like 1.99 on dvd.
i remember alleged rumors kim wanted chirstina milan to play her.

i thought naturi did a good job in her portrayal:


she said she would have liked teyana taylor to play her.
2019 teyana didn’t even look like that in 2009.
all kinds of delusional.
kim acting like whole casting agents weren’t involved.
she’s really out here acting like naturi casted herself.
its really bizarre.
naturi even said that she reached out to kim and got ignored.
kim needs to start building the bridge in 2020 and getting over it.

lowkey: i think whoever they casted as “faith evans” in that movie was the real fail tho.

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11 thoughts on “lil’ kim is still mad at naturi naughton”

  1. if the casting was left to lil Kim. she would have an Asian and some white women playing her.
    its safe to say that lil Kim is a lost cause.

    1. You’re definitely not the only one. She looks beautiful in that first picture above, I almost didn’t recognize who that was supposed to be lol.

      Idk why she’s so obsessed with “trying” to be an exxotical. She was beautiful before. Now? welll… :\

  2. Lol girl bye. I’m not going to coddle Kimberly like many people do, she is a mess & clearly doesn’t have real friends around her to let her know that. Naturi has been nothing but respectful when addressing Kimberly whereas the same act hasn’t been reciprocated on Kimberly’s end. Grow up lady. It always seems to be somebody else’s fault when it comes to Kimberly & her discrepancies. Accountability is a foreign concept to her.

    She needs to worry about that piss-poor album & grow up. I’m sure Naturi reminds her of every inch of a black woman that she used to look like and it chips off her soul. The last thing Kimberly wants is to be mirrored by a melanated black woman with a full nose & lips that she once had before going OD under the knife.

    Last name Ann, first name Raggedy!

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