we all to grow tf up.
when age catches up with you so does wisdom.
we won’t be making onlyfans and beefing on social media forever.
there comes a time we gotta mature and become adults.
when i saw lil kim trending on twitter,
i had to wonder what was going on.
when i saw nicki minaj mention her in an interview with joe budden:

“Uh oh”

i’m very impressed with nicki today cause this is what she said…

she is absolutely right.
lil kim deserves her flowers as nicki does.
i find life to be interesting.
nicki became “kim” the way she treated her in the past.
all of this screams:


i think God has been working on nicki minaj.
 kim is saying she would do a verzuz with nicki:

and now this??!?!!?!?

I had to wonder if I woke up an alternate dimension

kudos to nicki and kim or growing tf up.
peep the entire conversation with nicki and joeykins:

lowkey: kim is cancer like me.
she is the 11th.
i’m the 5th.

we are very similar in how we speak to and about people.
i love how these 3 broke down kim…


  1. I am glad she is finally humbling herself and paying some respect to her idol. That is all Kim wanted at the time but Nicki was probably told the beef was good for business so she kept it up.
    Her dealings with Cardi made her realize what it’s like to be on the other side of the “good for business” game. And she wants to make sure she don’t let karma do her this wrong again. Lol
    Oh and Nicki definitely has influenced this generation of female rappers. Kim may have inspired Nicki but Nicki took the inspiration to the next level and made it hers.
    All of these new female rappers are modeling their “persona” after Nicki’s aesthetic.
    Cardi B, city girls, Megan, Bia, Latto and all those girls have the Nicki aesthetic. Doja is basically Nicki’s Dawgta I wouldn’t say fashion wise but definitely musically.

    1. ^ “Her dealings with Cardi made her realize what it’s like to be on the other side of the “good for business” game. And she wants to make sure she don’t let karma do her this wrong again. Lol”

      life has a way of humbling us.

  2. It’s a no for me. After all the “Bride of Chucky is child’s play” and “look bubbles (MJ’s pet monkey) go back to your habitat” and “First name Anne, last name Raggedy” and ALLLL the other shit she done said about that women LONG after that beef should have been done, you don’t get to name drop her, looking for sympathy, because 1. Your image is now in the trash and 2. Someone finally dethroned you, like you claim you did to Kim (Cardi)

  3. Idk what Nicki has influenced fashion wise since she was pretty much Lil Kim meets Lady Gaga. So then both being on the cover of Vogue is a laugh. Kim is iconic for her own cover. Kim and Nicki can be on the cover of Essence which would serve their shared audience. As for a versuz? I guess to be cross generational and it would be shared like crazy online, dope… but for the actual sport of rap, it’s a no for me dawg. Lil Kim vs Foxy and Nicki vs Cardi is where the real money is. I’m always here for positivity and respect so cool.

  4. She right tho. Kim was rocking labels and at the forefront of just about every fashion show. It wasn’t just a rap. Even still, Kim is known more now for her look than her performance and raps. You mention her raps, everybody goes back to her first albums, nothing current. When you see her, she got that waist snatched, face beat, and everything else slayed! Same with Nicki. Nicki got too much going on in her life to keep doing this old Kim vs Nicki beef that all started with fans.

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