this is why i wait before i start pointing fingers.
 people want others to be the villain because they don’t like the person.
this is why cancel culture can be so dangerous.
we should always wait until the full story comes out before we pounce.
so more details have come out in the alleged chris brown rape scandal.
it seems someone was lying due to the text messages being released.
per radar online

The woman suing Chris Brown — over an alleged 2020 assault on a yacht outside Diddy’s home — sent the singer an audio message months later pleading for his attention.

Radar also obtained a series of text exchanges between the professional dancer and the singer from December 31, 2020, through August 26, 2021.

The woman, using the pseudonym Jane Doe, is suing for $20 million, claiming Brown drugged and raped her.

The text messages Radar obtained show Doe in contact with Brown for months after the alleged rape.

The day after the alleged incident, Doe texted Brown, “I wanna —- u [sic] tonight at midnight lol.”

In January, Doe sent Brown her new phone number and tried to arrange a hangout. The singer came up with excuse after excuse, but he clearly was uninterested in another meeting.

Doe continued texting Brown for weeks, but he never responded.

it seems she was upset he smashed and dashed her.
i’m so embarrassed by these texts.
i legit cringed.

she is blowing up his phone,
begging to get fucked again,
and he is paying her dust.

I hateeeeeeeeeee when people do this.

it gives “desperate pick me“.
when you meet someone,
if they don’t respond after 2 messages,
they are banished.

i don’t care how fine they are or how good the sex was.


i will remove someone from my texts or dms for that.
a jackal LITERALLY sent me a message about a past message i sent him.
“oh i’m now seeing this my b.”
that was months ago.
i didn’t respond.
people have their phones with them so there is no excuse.
i don’t want anyone ever saying jamari fox is pressed.

As far as this case is concerned,
did she not realize that she sent alleged messages after the alleged rape?

if not,
this is embarrassing.
chris brown doesn’t always come off sloppy since he is a target.
with all the accusations he has had,
he better not.

What is taking Trey Songz so long to get his texts released for his innocence?

article: radar online


  1. What’s crazy, all these lawsuits about rape, not one is pressing charges if they did get raped. You would think after Bill Cosby, statue of limitations is clearly out the window when you are famous. Not one person filed charges on either Chris or Trey but they rather sue them right before they have a big project coming out. Seems calculated to me.

    1. Well the attorney Ariel
      Explained this the state has to prove wrongdoing to have them tried by the state and that’s why women come forward in droves because they’re trying to basically make enough noise so something is done criminally

      1. Totally understandable but why settle for a lawsuit when you can get a conviction if you have proof. If you don’t have proof, the judge is going to use that against you in either case. If they are charged, then you have a easy case of suing them for rape. They was tried and convicted. That means a judge and jury found enough evidence to convict them which would be enough to grant them their lawsuit. Defense attorneys will eat anybody up for suing for rape without charges being filed. You see how Chris case turned out. Where is the proof?

  2. Trey case, I think its clear we know Trey like putting that big ass dick in women booty holes and they want to sue and call him aggressive, well if you knew that and you wanted a piece can’t sue him.

  3. Not everybody is R. Kelly. When you get your life and career back from a public scandal, you will do any and everything to stay out of another one. Granted Chris parties and is clearly dealing with his anger issues, that don’t make him a rapist and she might as well drop the case at this point. If this man raped you, why did you give him your new phone number, why did you tell him you want him to fuck you, steady blowing his line up and he not saying anything.

  4. Oh please folks are so brain washed anything white media says about a black man folks believe kobe Bryant nope had mutual sex with a thot this batch went to a party afterwards now yall doubting trey songz please these hoes see$$

  5. The little kissy face emoji he sent her is sending meeeeee! He definitely didn’t care anymore beyond that point, lmaoooo

  6. I think people jumped because of his past but yeah I didn’t pay any attention to this is let go of Chris ages ago & haven’t checked back into anything related to him (unless its on here).

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