should “9” be the last effort from lil’ kim?

hardcore” from lil’ kim.
i cannot “not” font highly of this album.
it defined my young fox life.
i think it was one of those “when i realized i was gay” type of situations.
i didn’t understand a lot of what she was saying,
but when i grew up and got experience in this forest,
it all made so much sense to me.
i was stan of her work after that.
she had the most iconic verses in the game.
so kim is back with her latest album “9” and foxhole…

as much as i love her,
this album is awful.
it’s an auto-tuned shit show.
i don’t know where “grimey” kim has gone.


there are no stand outs on this “9” shit.
it’s a literal musical shell of who she use to be.
stan wars aside,
i think it’s time that she should bow out gracefully.
kim is not the same vixen she once was.

the days of “you wanna rumble with the bee!!!!!!!” are long over.
at this point,
she needs to dress cute and show up for the younger rap vixens.
be a mentor or something.
she had an amazing run,
but i’ll continue to live vicariously with the kim of the “hardcore” era.

you can’t front that times were amazing back then. 

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “should “9” be the last effort from lil’ kim?”

  1. “HARD CORE” was one of the Best Debuts period!!! However,”9″ (Though differently sonically) still shines!!!!

    Kim is a different person today and it would be unfair and un- honest for her to not reflect who she is now. This album displays the same musicality and lyrical flow as her past efforts .We actually get to witness her growth delivering a more melodic interpretation via her singing /Auto tune.

    To fully appreciate Kim’s talent in 2019/2020 you will have to go back and listen a few more times to realize that she still has more than a few ‘Stories to tell” left in her( smile)

      1. Don’t do it brother…Tried that last night thinking it would be better the second time around. 😭😭😭it’s best to remember her as she was long time ago!!!

  2. Kim should definitely continue to deliver because her fans want more!! We can’t get enough of our Queen!! 9 is different, but dope!!

  3. Hip Hop is a young mans game. Sometimes you gotta know when to bow out gracefully. She took such a long ass break that at the least she should have updated her core sound to please the fans she already has but also show growth. She needed Puff or Jay to help her make this album. They know how to stay current yet they are beyond past their prime. Kim will always be that bitch but I’m not checking for anything she’s doing.

  4. You gotta remember, Kim on Hardcore was exactly that. The opening she had some dude beating his dick to buttered popcorn. Part 2 of Hardcore, The Notorious K.I.M. Kim let people know she wasn’t just a freak but she was a beast too. That’s why people love Cardi. Lighters Up Kim was it for me. That’s when she wasn’t getting the same producers or coming with the same hits. Even if Kim didn’t rap, she had them beats. This Kim now, I like her better as a tv personality then trying to top the girls now. Like recently when Kim stepped out at the BUILD series, Kim was ready to throw them hands on them animal activists. Thats the Kim we know. I rather see Kim retire from music and not let a bad album be the last thing people remember her by.

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