regula degula black & gay love

regula degula black & gay love.
i believe its all luck.
it’s being at the right place at the right time.
not every representation of black & gay love is interracial.
jussie smollett was/is allegedly dating a gorgeous black male.
kellon deryck has dated black males and is engaged to one now.


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i’ve been seeing lots of regula degula black & gay couples on social media.
a foxholer sent me this and it made me smile

 you don’t need to be muscular to find happiness.
they are a perfect example.
one of my bffs got engaged to her girlfriend today.
last week,
she sent me this on “google hangouts“:

i literally just liked this today:

let’s not even forget all the discreet and dl relationships out there.
imagine all those who are moving without an audience.

Regula degula black & gay love is out there

just as we’re looking for someone,
there is another looking for us.
it could happen next week,
next month,
or even in the next few hours.

i was having a convo with one of my fav foxholers today.
i was feeling down and he sent me this:

my wolf might not be muscular.
he might be a regula degula wolf that makes me feel all tingly inside.
all i ask:

both attracted to each other
allows me to be “me” with no judgments

share similar values and goals
sexually compatible
disease free and hygienically clean
make each other laugh

remain loyal to each other
confident in his mind, body, and soul
go on adventures in these big ol forests

…and no male bitches PLEASE.
i’ve banished all males with severe mommy and daddy issues.
that being said,
i’ll continue to allow The Universe to work on me until he shows up.

13 thoughts on “regula degula black & gay love

  1. I almost cried about this topic yesterday. Just finding love in general. Glad I saw this entry.

  2. I sooo needed to see/read this today. I was feeling all the way over this topic. As someone who visit the site on the regular and never commented until now. I just had to say thank you. 👏👏👏

  3. My partner and I have been together for 20 yrs now. I wasn’t looking for a relationship as I had resigned myself to thinking I was going to grow old alone but he was. He said when he first met me he know I was the one for him. When I first met him I was visiting Cleveland and we just had a long distance friendship. I knew he was different when he couldn’t get reception and called me from outside in a snow storm. He said he just wanted to hear my voice bc he says he loves the way I say his name. He moved to be close to me and eventually live with me. I had to get comfortable with affection and saying I love you bc he lives for those special moments just spending time or doing things together. There have been women try hitting on him bc nobody believes him even though he told his family along time ago that he was gay. He’s always lived his truth even in times when it wasn’t ideal bc now we are in our 50s. There are true romantics in life and brothers who only want one man. They are out there. Your time will come and you will meet him when you least expect it. Black love is out there and it’s real.

      1. and he wrote me love letters for 3 yrs straight…one I remember in particular where he traced his hand and told me whenever I missed him put my hand in his. I went to Cleveland to visit. He cooked and we ate over candlelight. no sex..we slow danced to Always and Forever. then positively I knew he was the one period.

  4. I keep me and my bf relationship off of social media except for mentioning him here and a few other places alluding to him.

    I met my bf in the weirdest way but anyways, I do like seeing black on black love, both hetero and homo. The mainstream doesn’t media don’t though. I like interracial but I like seeing Black and Asians and many others tho.

    There are several things I wanted from a guy that are on your list. Sexual compatibility was def one. However, my bf know that I adore him & I’ve always been the type of person who will do almost whatever my man requests sexually if he earns my trust…except threesome or whatever cause I don’t share and I don’t like all that stuff.

    Similar interests is a plus. I would turn down any dude who didn’t have an intellectual outlook on things because I like to discuss things outside of common media.

    Regular guys are always where it’s at. However, you know I’m one of your blunt posters & will not feed you Disney fairytales. I’ll say that your last line in your post was a good one and my favorite.

    At one point I wanted a bf so bad and the Universe gave me someone and showed me why I didn’t need one. I wasn’t even ready. I thought I was at the time…but I still had years of “old me” still there blocking s*it.

    For some people, the hardest love is self love…

    I want to type more on this but I am sleepy and need to nap.


    1. ^i believe my insecurities and self doubt block my blessings when it comes to love.
      i haven’t been the best believer in myself,
      nor have I been kind to myself either,
      so no male worth my time will be attracted to me.

  5. Thank you for this post. We need to see ourselves together. When the time is right the right person and the right opportunities will present themselves to you. Just be open and like the foxholer said, the blessings will come when the time is right.

    When it comes to the relationship like you said, be sure the person values and accepts *you* for you who are, and be willing to grow too. And laughter and a spiritual connection are very important. We all have a little bit of the b*tchiness in us, but the key is can the other person move beyond it and can you. In love everything is possible.

    Also, I’m quoting 50 Cent here (he’s a mess, don’t hate me), but as he asks in “21 Questions,” “It’s easy to love me now / Would you love me if I was down and out? / Would you still have love for me?” It’s easy to love someone when everything is sunny but when will you stand with them and will they ride with you through the tough times? That’s a keeper. He’s out there, Jamari.

  6. Like me and my husband Jamari I show you on Instagram we are regular black gays who have been together going 11 years! We not the muscular type but we have bodies that people say okay I see you but you will find the right guy trust!

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