he was jumped and we all had a front row seat

in 2019,
in the age of “expose your whole shit“,
you’d think hyenas and jackals would think twice.
this video i saw on my twitter triggered tf outta me.
this is a warning before you go underneath.
it involves the youngin ^up above,
who goes by @keydayoungan___ on ig,
went viral because he was allegedly jumped at school in baltimore…

i remember when i was jumped by two of my bullies.
i had to be about 10 or so.
they made my life hell every single day.
it got so bad that i had to transfer.

if that happened in this social media era tho…


there would have been no place to hide once i was done.

unlike me,
after he went viral,
@keydayoungan___ didn’t want all the attention:


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i admire how he’s handling it.
i wish nothing but the best for him.

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “he was jumped and we all had a front row seat”

  1. That’s so fuck up i hope somebody beat there ass and more to them that’s some bold as shit coward ass punks

  2. I’m not an advocate for violence, but my bullies caught a thick ass science textbook to the dome…and I never had problems after that.
    I got in-school suspension behind it, but my dad didn’t mind because I stood up for myself.
    And if they jump you, you catch them mofos by themselves and beat that ass one by one.

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