ya’ll dragged nicole murphy into an apology

i thought it was a “friendly” kiss?
that’s what they said.
ya know,
nicole murphy is gorgeous.
in person,
she is stunning.
who knew she had some alleged thot-like behavior deep inside her?
well she released a statement because ya’ll been dragging her.
this is what she had to say via “tmz“…

“Without going into the entire situation, I want to apologize to my family, and to Lela and the Fuqua family for what transpired.” Nicole goes on to explain, “It was not my intention to be in this situation. I do not condone women kissing or interacting in anyway inappropriately with a married man. I too was once married and I would never intentionally undermine another woman, despite what has been written.”

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10 thoughts on “ya’ll dragged nicole murphy into an apology”

  1. whatever the case may be, they should a been more discreet with their alleged crimes…MY point exactly. these 2 HOES paraded for the camera ,knew they were being watched, kissed and as my mamma would say fornicated for the camera and then come out and say…um they are just close friends…REALLY???

    The sordid life of Hollywood hoes. Who among them apart form a VERY VERY TINY few, can cast the first stone? Its Sodom and Gomorrah in California so its nothing new. Everyone fuck, suck and mambo with anyone at anytime anywhere so its no big deal Nicole. You just being the hoe you are..a hoe with grown kids I might add. Perfect example you give your girls Nicole so don’t say a damn word when thry grow up ad do what Mamma taught them to do

  2. IDK…Lisa Raye’s tweet implied that this is regular behavior for Ms.Murphy…so I’m gonna have to side eye this little apology…

  3. They was fucking and got caught!! Tell the truth!! He been fucking around with other women!! And she’s changed her story. First she said that they were family friends, what family friends you know kiss like that?? only incestuous ones, now she apologizing,. GTFOH!!!

  4. You can tell that Nicole is in Hollywood and nowhere else because if she was in Atlanta or Chicago pulling these stunts she would have been done got her ass dragged, especially if she was a non-celebrity and just a regular homewrecker. Believe me, if Lela was Lela Johnson the Beautician, her and her friends would have waited to see what Happy Hour she attends and meet her ass in the parking lot.

    Nicole may be black-balled literally in Black Hollywood. From what I understand, tho Lela has not worked in years, she has status in Black Hollywood due to being married to Antoine, apparently staying on her good side can guarantee you work in Hollywood and she apparently rolls with most of the old school Black actresses in Hollywood in her age range. They are probably going to throw a lot of shade on Nicole at the next “Sip and See” event. Being Eddie Murphy Ex aint gone help her out of this one.

  5. Drag that Biggs she single!!!! Granted she lied and truthfully should not have said nothing from jump but he the married one!!!! I seen women cutting her and Lela down on the last site I went to. I tell you women are more separate than black people! In reality they should rule the 🌎!!! They to busy cutting each other down instead of supporting each other like white folk every time they do something fucked up!!

  6. Yeah I need Mr. Fuqua to take responsibility in this situation and publicly apologize to his wife. Nicole is a hoe but he’s the one who is married. I hate how society rushes to drag a woman and not the low down dirty dog in the middle. A real man will make this right and own his shit.

  7. Look’s like Michael Strahan dodged a bullet. She literally got caught cheating! She gave the same response the people do on Cheaters! “She didn’t know he was married”. Bitch, did you call Lela and say “girl, whats going on with you an Antoine”. You said you were family friends, so why didn’t you call Lela and ask questions. Nicole was blinded by that married dick she was getting. She didn’t say nothing about the taking married men comment from LisaRaye either so she must like married men. She knew about him and she get the same treatment Antoine getting. She trying to cover her face and run from the cameras while he standing somewhere, “I don’t give a fuck, my marriage ain’t where it should be and there is no need to apologize, y’all don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes and it don’t matter if you don’t like me with Nicole, I still smashed anyway.” We don’t know if they separated or whatever so you can’t force him to apologize for doing something that Lela probably already knew was coming. She probably took communications down to stop from answering questions about it. Either way it go, Nicole knew what was going on. Whether he told her his marriage was over or not, she chose to still mess with him, sleep with him, and act like it was all good until she started getting dragged about it. First she lied then changed the script and said she didn’t know he was still married. If bloggers can find out, she can too. If TMZ can find out, she can too. She’s Nicole Murphy, she has friends that can find out if he is still married. She lied and she got caught with his dick in her mouth.

  8. She kept the last name because that’s all she’s ever had for self validation. Looking for the next come up 😆 She’s a old hoe with a young bish body.

  9. The only ones I have sympathy for in this situation are the kids. Antoine has been a dawg. His side baby is almost 10. Antoine doesn’t care. Nicole doesn’t care. The best thing Lela can do for herself is call up a good divorce attorney and laugh straight to the bank.

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