black trump supporters are starting to think trump might be racist

oh yes.
some of these black trump supporters are attractive.
they don’t always look like these two:

i’ve been seeing some attractive black trump minions.
one black trump supporter feels he has been betrayed tho.
kevin martin can’t believe trump would do the following…

he sounds like how i’d imagine a black trump supporter would sound.
seriously tho…

is a racist?

omg no!
this is brand new information!

















i have to ask you something foxhole.
if you met another male,
he was hot af and was interested in dating you HEAVY,
but you found out he was a trump supporter

Could you turn the blind eye for his love of Trump?

…or is he canceled ASAP?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

33 thoughts on “black trump supporters are starting to think trump might be racist”

  1. He turned a blind eye and now, with that demon being so overt, it’s eliciting a frightened reaction and you know what? The Pussy Grabber is just getting started. Prepare.

  2. Maybe if it’s a one a night stand and dude keeps his mouth shut. Couldn’t do it if he wanted a relationship. I don’t have the energy to explain why Trump is not for me personally.

  3. I would DEFINITELY have to decline dating any of his supporters. I think any person that can agree with or decide to turn a blind eye to his MANY indiscretions, lies, and oafish antics for WHATEVER reason is morally questionable. Plus, I can’t bite my tongue when it comes to politics, so it would ALWAYS be an argument.

  4. Nope. Couldn’t even fuck one.
    I won’t even support businesses that openly support Trump.

    It’s one of those things where “once you know, you know”

    I don’t require everyone to be liberal or a democrat, but if you follow that idiot, 9.9/10 you’re an idiot as well 🤷🏾‍♂️

  5. Short answer – absolutely the fuck not!

    Slightly longer answer – aligning yourself with 45 leaves one to infer that you share in the same views as him. I can’t find myself in any relationship, platonic or romantic, with anyone that supports him. Not even Drake (tho it would pain me).

  6. Hell No, you are immediately canceled in my book. I had a Facebook friend, who I really did not even know personally tell me she was supporting him doing the last election, she was blocked and dropped so fast. I am too political to put up with anyone even supporting anything Republican in this day and time. They haven’t reared their ugly heads lately and hopefully they will stay in the shadows but it has been a couple of his supporters who have commented on here from time to time, and I am like that Orange Demon wouldnt spit on your Black Ass if you were on fire. Much like Gay Republicans, I just dont understand how anybody who is a minority or gay would support this Filthy Party or President.

  7. I see so many lies. The one who likes paint on his nekkit body is a Trump voter and all of the commenters want him.

  8. Maybe that’s why so many gay black men are single, alone and miserable because most have impossible standards for any normal human being to live up to. Is it not bad enough gays cancel a good/decent man for being too heavy, skinny, dark, light, fem etc?…. but you’ll run up behind a brotha without shit going for him and let him ruin your credit, car, fuck your friend and still take him back. but because someone is an independent thinker or have different a political view he’s trash? wtf…we as gay men need to stop the discriminatory shit and except us for all the differences including political views we come from. IF anything it would make for interesting debates and conversations or arguments other than where you been at nigga and who is this Tyrone Nigga…..**and for the recorded for the one who wish to throw shade save it, because i’m NOT A TRUMP SUPPORTER!**

    1. Y’all kill me with that “independent thinker” bullshit. Supporting political ideologies that don’t align with the common person does not make you different. The only people who believe so are those who have a middle school interpretation of American politics.

      1. Thank you @Mtofft fuck him all the way up….he/she/it sounded dumb ass fuck. I knew “I’m different” wannabe was going to play Devil’s Advocate with this dumb regurgitated mess.

        1. I’m so glad yall got to it before me. All of this “independent thinking” and none of those contrarian fools have a coherent explanation for their political choices.

          And for the record, this is the exact type of black person who would vote for Trump (or Republican period.)

    2. Actually, many Black gay men are not “single, alone and miserable.” That’s your fantasy, just like the stereotypes you’re spewing about Black conversations and debates. Many are partnered up and quite happy, but the media usually only portrays the ones in interracial relationships, and we often amplify the ones who are unhappy. Meanwhile, we get endless portrayals of white couples as the ideal, or a white partner as the ideal. That’s a distortion and Black gay men should not participate in upholding if we can help it.

      Anyways, years ago I briefly dated a Black DL conservative. I didn’t know he was a conservative at first, but his politics soon became apparent. He was dealing with serious issues of self-hate and rage, a lot of which had to do with the effects of growing up poor, dealing with colorist hate, homophobia, etc. He blamed Black people for all of his problems and saw conservatism and white people as saviors. I cut him loose. The sex was off the chain, though. All that repression created a stone-cold freak in the sheets.

  9. Personally I don’t think Trump is a racist. Now I strongly believe he is an extremely self-centered, self-serving opportunist…I mean if an opportunity that was very valuable to him that he would have to sell his children I am certain he would do it! He would sell them kids and say “I’ll make more!!” Which in turn makes him dangerous to everybody even his so called base!!! People like this have no loyalty to anyone they always fuck everybody over to serve their best interest!!! As for black conservatives I think like most black people we are tired of being at the bottom and they figure if he can put some money in my pocket fuck everybody else. I mean I am from Chicago (which is somewhat race segregated) and a lot the other Minorities have never stood by US unless it was for their benefit! Some are cool but some treat you worst than White Folks!!! Now we have a neighborhood shift where they are being pushed out of theirs into what has been our and we are being pushed to the burbs so now the tension is getting worst because a lot of black feel like this is my neighborhood and you come in here treating me like I don’t belong here. It’s even to the point that they won’t sell to black people in areas that are black!! I think we just in a very selfish and self-serving society and Both parties are bullshit that really perpetuate it in my opinion! We need to start looking a the lower ones because the two at the top are just trying to stay in position, not really help people. Truth be told if it keeps going like this I believe that the so called Great American Nation will completely fall down!!! It might need to fall down to start something better!!!

    1. He is a racist. To the core. Has been since he was young. He was busted as a young man for discriminating against Black renters and potential homeowners, and it was so extensive he and his father had to agree to a federal consent decree to stop doing so.

      You don’t do crap like that if you are a not a racist.

      He is also liar, a misogynist, a cheat, an alleged abuser and rapist, etc.

  10. There is so much to unpack to the point I think you could write a 15-page paper, let’s just go through a few.

    Outside of the social issues given the economic conditions, most black people and black families face in America right now; I don’t think black conservatism /black republicans have anything to offer black people. You never really see a black conservative explain why certain conservative economic policies are in the best interest of black Americans.

    If we move on to the comments that Kevin Martin was making in the clip; I don’t want to be harsh but they sound like he was very uninformed about what he was supporting and I think it points to a larger issue in the black community that a lot of us are lost and just trying to find something to belong to. Kevin talks about Trump’s base, but most intelligent people already knew that many of them were white nationalist/white supremacist that Trump was giving a national platform too. Kevin talks about the “send her back” comment being the most controversial comment to come out of the white house looks as if it lacks some historical context and perspective. Kevin talks about Steph Curry, Lebron James, and Colin Kaepernick being heroes to black conservatives when they are portrayed as villains in that party. The whole Kaepernick discussion is an extraordinarily complex and nuanced conversation about race that black conservatives seem to be unable and unwilling to have or participate in. What Kevin seems to be unable to accept is that he was never part of Trump’s movement, he was always just a photo- opt. When Trump was saying make America great again most knowledgeable people knew what he was implying, he was implying that we should go back to a 1940/1950’s type of America and to truly know what that means especially if you are African American you need to have a better understanding of history that goes beyond just Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X.

    Is Trump a racist, in my opinion; yes. I think Trump is racist in the way that many people are racist today and tries to use discretion, naivety, indifference, and Apathy to mask their racism.

    Also, as a side note is anybody tired of this term “people of color”. I’m black and I’m proud to be black and proud of what black people have made possible in America and I don’t think that should be dismissed or swept under the rug. Not to be completely divisive but I also think the term “people of color” implies some sort of racial solidarity across minority groups that doesn’t seem to really exist. I see black people out here defending everybody, but when black people need the support, I don’t really see the Latinos, Asians, Indians etc. or am I wrong about that. Don’t get me wrong I love everybody; its just an observation. Instead of ” people of color” just say what you are and be proud of what you are.

    1. I completely agree with you about the term “people of color.” It seems like black people use the term the most and when they’re too afraid to just say black.

      1. You have a point. Plus I also think our issues are so different from the others that we should not be lumped in with the bunch. That’s kinda how the civil rights movement went and we still wound up with the short end of the stick.

    2. I thought it strange that he acknowledged that Trump’s base is right-wing extremists and white nationalists and somehow believed there was a place for black people. The lapse in logic was astounding. I’m convinced that most of these so-called “black conservatives” are 1) contrarian provocateurs by nature or 2) attempting to build a platform and make money by playing the rare black conservative talking head role.

  11. I’m completely disillusioned by the American political system, tbh. I’m not going to vote because I know what’s more than likely to happen: truly progressive candidates will get sidelined for centrists in liberal garb like Biden or Harris. If either of those two become the front-runner for the Democratic Party, well…Trump 2020 is a guarantee.

    1. If you are in a state where your vote will matter, please hold your nose and cast a vote for straight D.

      Even a centrist in liberal garb will be marginally better than four more years of Trump. It may not seem like it, but if you just look at the white nationalist/Christian Dominionist agenda this man and his administration are pushing, we need a pushback to Trumpism at all levels.

      So your votes at the city, state, and federal level–for everything from mayor to state senator to governor to president, basically whoever is running–is going to be key.

      Also don’t forget that if the Republicans win statehouses they will slam us with the same toxic flimflam they did in 2010, when they got ahold of redistricting, and set themselves via gerrymanders to hold power even when they lost the popular vote. They also pass even more laws to restrict Black people and everyone else (young voters, etc.) from voting.

      So please, I am begging you, Oumar, and everyone else, vote, and urge everyone else you know to vote too. And then hold the feet of whoever you elect to the fire. Don’t let them slide back into helping the 1% over everyone else.

  12. Whew chillay! Somebody called him Carlton 2.0. I think the heck not! I speak proper English and people make fun of it, calling me “white”, etc, but I am no coon. Bang bang. Carlton Banks is dead.

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