if adrian peterson started an “onlyfans” for extra income, i’d sign up

i remember how obsessed i was with nfl baller wolf,
adrian peterson.
the lips,
and pecs use to have my head spinning.
even tho my ex home vixen’s alleged pipe report was disappointing,
he was still a fantasy in my head.
for the life of me,
i just don’t get how baller wolves are still becoming broke.
in 2019,
even though he’s still playing ball,
adrian peterson is broke.
this is what “usa today” had to report…

Adrian Peterson is in financial trouble despite earning more than $99 million in salary heading into his 13th season in the NFL.

According to The Athletic, a lender in Pennsylvania is suing the Washington Redskins running back for $6.6 million, including interest and legal fees, since he defaulted on a $5.2 million loan, the purpose of which was to pay off past debts. 

Last year, Peterson had to repay a Minnesota bank for defaulting on a 2016 loan, and just last week, a Maryland state judge ordered him to pay Democracy Capital Corp — a separate creditor — $2.4 million

Chase Carlson, Peterson’s lawyer, released a statement Tuesday. 

“The truth behind Adrian Peterson’s current financial situation is more than is being reported at this time,” he wrote in a statement posted on Twitter. “Because of ongoing legal matters, I am unable to go into detail, but I will say this is yet another situation of an athlete trusting the wrong people and being taken advantage of by those he trusted. Adrian and his family look forward to sharing further details when appropriate.” 

he is reported to earn 2.5 million this season.
they take payment plans,
you’d think these baller wolves would become broke by over-spending.
it’s usually the wrong folks in their corner.
you’d think after others getting “got”,
it would lead others to a better example.
if all else fails,
there’s always “onlyfans“.

lowkey: an ex-baller wolf i use to know invested in real estate and chain restaurants.
the rest must think they’ll be playing ball forever.

article cc: usa today

16 thoughts on “if adrian peterson started an “onlyfans” for extra income, i’d sign up

  1. Education is the key to success!! Regardless of the facts here academics should be stressed . I know we as Black people don’t have the riches and resources that our other counterparts have in their lives. Then the greedy people come out to snag their money. But overall, these young men have to think rationally about money. Stop spending so much on houses and cars. You can only ride in one vehicle at a time. Start using protection with the women and stop getting tricked!!! Nine times out of ten these whores are looking for a way out!!!

  2. I think that’s one of the best pictures of Adrian Peterson and if he had an Onlyfans page I would definitely subscribe. He was undeniably all that when he was in his 20’s.

    What I don’t like about these articles and articles like this, is that they don’t go into the financial details of how this happens. They put it out there and we the people are to assume that Adrian was out here buying 10 Bentley’s and 5 mansions and that’s how he lost all his money and I just find that hard to believe. From just barely looking at his social media he seems like a humble man with a nice wife and some children. I don’t see anything in regard to child support or anything that would suggest excessive spending.

    I think what people have to realize is that when you suddenly come into millions of dollars you also become the government to many of your friends and family as they lean on you and expect you to do the things that government should be doing. All of a sudden you are medical insurance and paying for your relatives’ medical expenses, now all of a sudden you are life insurance and paying for funerals, now you’re FASA and paying tuition to send people to college, now you’re the bank and financing your friends and relatives ill-advised business ideas. When added to your own living expenses all of that can take a heavy toll. I think its also worth pointing out that Peterson had a very rough childhood with the death of two brothers and essentially losing his father to the prison system, a heavy Christian relying heavily on Christian values it probably would be hard to turn friends and family away. I think it’s a heavy burden when you become the bankroll for your friends and family’s aspirations.

    1. Thanks for filling in some of the details about Adrian Peterson’s upbringing. Stories like this are sadly too common, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have a sense of the specifics behind what led to Peterson’s financial problems, including what he experienced growing up and how that might affect his decisions as an adult.

      Peterson has six children, not nine. He got in trouble with the NFL and law for whipping one child so badly he left visible slash marks. Also, he lost one of his children when the baby mama’s boyfriend mortally injured the child. He had only learned about the child’s existence a few months before the little boy was killed.

      In terms of his finances, he has made very bad decisions about real estate among other problems, but he wouldn’t be the only person to have done so, especially before and after the Great Recession. It sounds like he’s been doomed by a perfect storm of personal issues, bad financial decisions, and poor money management. He loves him some Jesus, so maybe the Lord will bestow him with a bailout.

    1. Whoa 9 Kids??? Wow so the fortune has been blown on back Child Support on top of financial mismanagement. Okay so he just makes a lot of poor decisions in general.

  3. The majority of the NFL players come from nothing.

    Hell, black people as a whole aren’t good at managing money, much less the wealth these guys have thrown at them all at once. These white accountants and investors see them coming and know how to finesse them out of most of their money.

    If you’ve been to a majority black high school you know a lot of these kids (including athletes) don’t even read or write on grade level, but they still graduate and these colleges accept them just for their athletic ability. They can’t read contracts or do much math🤷🏾‍♂️

    That leaves them at the mercy of lawyers and accountants that just want their money.

    1. That being said Adrian is a nice, humble dude, but if we as a people emphasized academics as much as sports ability this money wouldn’t be slipping through athletes fingers so easily.

    2. Jay out here doing the Lord’s Work giving us this financial sermon. So many of us from humble beginnings want to floss and bring everybody along with us when we make that bag and sadly that is usually our downfall, on top of having zero financial knowledge. There is a reason that they dont teach financial management in school. A capitalistic system would collapse overnight if people knew about money and how money works. The powers that be are going to ensure that the masses stay dumb and uneducated so they will always be in control. At least other cultures especially Asians teach their children the value of a dollar and how to hold on and invest in their own communities to build them up. This culture does not have to rely on Caucasian Banks for loans and capital, and thanks to African American consumers they can live a comfortable lifestyle on keeping us as customers to their businesses. Too many of us have a day to day survival mentality instead of any long term wealth building philosophies. I am currently in a lot of debt I am trying to swim my way out of, but I am at least knowledgeable on some financial matters and I have an investment portfolio. You can open up so many hidden unknown doors to your future with good credit. I am at least confident this time around to know if I ever got the kind of money that some of these athletes get, I can manage it and hold on to it.


    I have no sympathy for him or his sad ass excuse. Dumb Negro he is…..😡😡😡😡😡

  5. I still think finance classes need to be taught in high school. It’s a shame he made so much and now damn near broke.

    1. They need to start teaching those principles in elementary school at the same time they’re teaching “1 + 1 = 2”. The basics of opening a bank account and the value of saving.

    2. That and showing them that ESPN special about broke athletes on REPEAT! But even then I don’t think it would help. You put money in the hands of someone that’s not used to it, they will go overboard…and having it abundantly is a RECIPE FOR DISASTER.
      My high school taught us finances. Schools nowadays have opted to drop a lot of things teenagers should be taught. Kinda sad.

  6. (facepalm)

    I hate these kinds of stories. How the fuck do you burn through nearly a hundred million dollars?

    People are out here broke and this is how they’re living up there? Yikes.

    1. Do you see how they live?!! Expensive, unnecessary cars, big ass homes, jewelry, expensive clothes, trips, partying, gambling (some of them) and broke-ass family and friends with their hands out.

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