i don’t think malik yoba really thought this through

what’s going on with malik yoba?
i think we might have been wrong about that one.
i know some of the foxhole wasn’t buying what he was selling.
so he had an interview with “the root” and they decided to rock the boat a little.
they asked malik about the allegations he messed with a trans-minor.
it caused him to flip theeeeeeee fuck out

starts at 14:52:

this cracked me up:

so two things:


in many cases with interviews,
celebs usually know what is being asked beforehand.
on big talk shows,
they are sent the questions in advance.
some they’ll answer; others they won’t.
they get prepped by their publicists and managers EARLY before they walk on any stage.
i should know since i’ve been around production.
there are some talk show hosts that will rock the boat by going off script.
you know a true professional by how they handle being put on a spot.
if malik and the host spoke for 4 hours,
and already had a plan of how the interview was going to go,
i can see why he would flip tf out.


malik showed he wasn’t a true professional.
he should have just said “no comment” or keep it extremely light.
the way he looked like he was gonna fight dude wasn’t a good look at all.
he kinda showed his guilt by that OD temper tantrum he threw too.

one thing malik was saying that annoyed me tho:


so my question is:

Why TF did he even go this route?

did he think this was gonna be treated like a savior?
it almost feels like didn’t realize he would be subjected to scrutiny.
folks are gonna call him names and be outta pocket.
that’s the reality of this situation.
in my head and opinion:

I think he liked fuckin’ trans-vixens and that’s about it

this feels like a male who came out because of emotions,
but can’t come to grips with the other side of what comes with it.
malik gonna find himself cancelled if he can’t pull it together.
ima need him to deny the allegations and move tf on.

read more from “the root” fiasco: here

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “i don’t think malik yoba really thought this through”

  1. I could not disagree with your article. 1 what is unprofessional is being blindsided. If the root wanted to discuss this they can have said they wanted to discuss these allegations. Had he said NO COMMENT, your headline would be the same and state he is hiding something.

    I don’t know anything about these Allegations nor have I ever heard about them until last week but the Root need to do a better in reporting.

    I would like to see if you are blinded sided and accused what your reaction would be. A true investigation is what I am looking for.

    this cancel culture is getting out of hand,

  2. Why couldn’t he just keep his mouth closed!! I’m not gonna tell anybody a mothafuckin thing about what I do and who I do it with unless I want to. They can speculate, talk shit, whatever they want about me. They can also kiss my ass!!

  3. The problem I had here was the interviewer. He was reallly not good and his delivery was super dry as if this were his first day. I don’t watch The Root but there were too many missteps I noticed that acted against him in this situation.

    1) The way he asked the question. He knew he wasn’t supposed to ask, but it’s journalism, you throw in the hard hitting questions but goddamn, do it ONLY if you can handle it. He asked the questing in a shy, timid way which immediately worked against him as moderator. You can’t be scared to ask the damn question you know you’re not to ask. If you are then there’s no point in asking it because you’ve already lost a handle on the interview.

    2) His body language. Him deciding to reach for the tea is a way to transfer the awkwardness of the moment and the nerves from himself into an action that momentarily takes him away from the situation, and try to regain his composure and possibly think of what to say next. We’ve all done it.
    But you can’t do it after you- THE PERSON IN CHARGE OF THE INTERVIEW- asked the most incendiary question of the night. The answer could only have gone one of two ways. a) he answers or b) he calls you out on it.

    Clearly from the moment you chose to mention it and then bring up social media, his reaction was more in-line with b). This meant you need to be focused, not divert your attention for a cup of tea. It allows the interviewee to claim an upper hand since the start of his tantrum is not being adequately challenged. Look at how Yoba leans in daring him to repeat it.

    Then at the end you fold your arms. You are being attacked, and producers are now fighting your battle off camera. You need to take a much more dominance stance. one that screams action, not defense.

    3) Then this dumbass says in the most smug tone while LITERALLY SIPPING TEA ” The more you talk the worse it looks for you”

    Which legit interviewer do you see do this? What the hell kind of response is that. You want to bring it back down from a 6 to a 1, you don’t say something as stupid as that. OBVIOUSLY Yoba is going to dig into his position now because you just insulted him AND questioned his innocence.

    Look at Gayle king when Kelly had his tantrum. This woman played it so damn cool and then when the time was right she said in a calm, yet stern motherly tone “Robert…” which is meant for him to pull himself out of his head and return focus back to her.

    This guy figures he’s going to poke the bear n see if that produces the results he wants.

    4) When Yoba gets mad, he now passes it off to the producers to handle off-camera. He done lost the interview at that point.

    I don’t know much about the subject they’re talking about or who the hell either of these people are, but this is not how you conduct an interview. You want hard hitting, then you better be damn Babe Ruth up to bat because you can’t retreat from your position after asking the main question.

    Lastly, and I did not want to mention this, but the hat. Jesus, it does not go with anything he is wearing. I don’t know if he is going for some Cam Newton “avant garde”, subversion of expectations look, but if you are it cant be so subtle and has to be more campy. If you’re not then you need to pick items that actually work together not fight each other. The hat vs. sweater was a bigger conflict that whatever went on between the two guys.

    I’m done. I just wish they had a better interviewer, someone who could handle the questions.

    1. @Talkinbout

      Agreed! That interviewer was shady as fuck! Reaching for Tea after asking questions from “social media.” ?? And that hat was extra as hell. You are here to report news NOT make yourself the center of the story by wearing fashion statements n shit.. His entire vibe was untrustworthy and fake. I don’t like that hoe.

    2. Omg this must be Malik yoba 😂😂😂😂
      @Talkinbout are you Malik? Lol I’m just joking

      I totally agree with you about the body language and as a journalist THERE IS A PROFESSIONAL way to say everything. I feel like his delivery was VERY unprofessional and he should definitely be talked to by superiors at work about that.

      HOWEVER everything he said was RIGHT! These are allegations and Malik was making himself look opportunistic, like he fetishisizes them, and allegations that these girls were young maybe true. His body language read all of what I just said. However if the conversation were held in a barber shop I would totally say the interviewer was right but when you are a journalist you have to go about things differently.

    3. I thought the same thing from the start. The interviewer was horrible. He had a grudgr against Malik and came to start somethin. “Social media says..” WTF. It would be differrnt if actuals cases were filed … Now’Lik couldve handled it waaaaayyyyy better instead of blacking out. “I dont pay attention to social media. people say all kinds of things like how bad your outfit is.”

      Black out when the cameras are off. Never let em film you slippin…let em just talk about hearing you flip.

  4. And he took the live bait. Thats what they wanted a real live show, no filter just to see his reaction. Now that show will get more publicity and he got egg on his face. I know Vlad wish he did the interview after the controversy. Now its “Malik Yoba getting his coverblown”. I heard his latin costar is Gay too.

  5. 1. I agree with the comments on the interviewer. And it’s the Root. Im not surprised at their spotty “journalism.” If they were professionals, they would have reached out to “the people on social media” and gotten more details and facts and tried to best verify the allegations before asking Malik about them.

    2. On Malik, this is a good lesson for him. Honestly, he assumed he would be praised as some ultra-enlightened man for going after black men (the easiest target) on this issue. But two things happened he didn’t expect. First, the very people he expected to praise him came after him for his past. And second, black women who cannot deal with the idea of masculine men being into anything else but cisgender women, ridiculed him. And his overly pampered, bubble-living self cannot believe he’s not being worshiped for his “bravery and brilliance.”

  6. What he said about trans women is no different than a White person saying, “If we’re going to do MeToo, let’s acknowledge the disproportionate amount of Black women who are sexually harassed and are ignored”.

    They say it to sound “woke”. They want brownie points. Malik doesn’t come off as a good person, anyway.

  7. Allegedly he came out because he was gonna be outed eventually. I’m not sure if he was being extorted or not. But the interviewer did mention that some rumors have now surfaced about him soliciting trans sex workers.

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