daddy wants me to move in… but i didn’t tell my real daddy yet

stranger danger.
do folks know what their young ones are doing on social media these days?

probably not.
the shit and folks that randomly pop up on my various timelines is ridiculous.
so the parents of this 11 year old in south carolina clearly wasn’t monitoring his snap.
he hopped in a car to go move in with another male and well…

Charleston police say an 11-year-old boy has been reunited with his family after he drove three hours by himself to try and meet up with a man he met on Snapchat.

Around 12:30 a.m. Monday morning, the boy pulled up next to Charleston officer Christopher Braun in his police cruiser in the 1300 block of Rutledge Avenue when Braun realized the child was the only person in the car.

The boy told Braun that he had just driven three hours from the Simpsonville area and was lost, according to police spokesman Charles Francis.

He told Officer Braun he took his brother’s car and drove to Charleston to live with an unknown male he met on SnapChat,” Francis said. “His father’s Insignia tablet lost the GPS signal that was directing him to the address in Charleston. When he lost the GPS signal, he lost the address and he was unable to recover it because SnapChat messages disappear or are deleted after they are read.”

The child gave the officer his name his father’s name and his father’s phone number. When the officer called the boy’s father, the dad was in the process of reporting his son missing with the Simpsonville police department.

The father then drove to Charleston to pick up the boy and the car while the tablet was placed in evidence for analysis.

according to the article,
they’re in the process of tracking down this jackal he was talking to.
seriously tho…

I know he’s grounded for a decade

maybe two.
it’s gonna be like 2030 before he sees another social media account again.
what if he got killed?
his parents wouldn’t have known wtf was going on.
that shit is wild to me.
i know one thing…

My parents would have beat the brown off my entire ass

not only did i move their car,
but i called myself going to move in with some stranger too…

nightmare on elm street and guess whose playing “freddy”?

article cc: live5news

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “daddy wants me to move in… but i didn’t tell my real daddy yet”

  1. WTF??? when you said 11 years old I almost hit the floor!!! Well one thing’s for sure he’s a damn good driver to drive for 3 hours to meet a total stranger, s*** that’s scary as hell. I believe I’m more mad at the parents then I am the little boy. in any case I’m glad he’s okay and reunited with his family.

  2. That’s a smart ass kid like highly gifted to drive for HOURS!!! He must’ve snuck out the house at night. I can’t blame the parents I’ll blame these damn apps that allows users to interact with children. That perv probably spent hours mentally grooming this child to the point that he felt safe to go without warning. We dont give kids enough credit. They are very smart. Also the scary part is more than likely the person would’ve killed him. Please put safety devices on your children’s electronics that prevents them from accessing social media. I hope they find that pervert though

  3. Y’all don’t give kids enough credit. These little devils are more cunning than one believes. I know I’m not the only one or probably the main reason but I stayed reporting Tumblr because of these pervs reblogging child pornography.

    F**king assholes. I just got mad that quick.

    As far as that child is concerned, the person probably wouldn’t have killed him but would have sold him through human trafficking, which is really popular.

    Then again, the hidden person could have been a killer. Serial rapist or looking for fresh organs…or even a part of a cult.

    You’d be surprised at the kind of lunatics that exist.

  4. this situation happen in Simpsonville, SC. about a 45 minute drive from where I live. this situation has some questions that needs to be answer. we need to be careful about the people we chat with on this apps. you never know who you are talking to at any moment.

  5. Wow!!!!!!! (Speechless?????) I wanted to say ”””You Made this up”…but I read it prior to and still cant believe this!!!!! Scary ,Sad,

  6. These kids need beatings. Not cellphones. Not till they bleed. A good smack or a few to make sure their brain rattles back into common sense.

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