i fell in love with my shooter and now he shoots in me every night?

in some cases,
some rape victims can fall in love with their rapists.
in some cases,
some people fall in lust with dangerous hyenas who commit crimes.
that is a lot of unpacking to do with the help of therapy tbh.
you’ll be surprised by the amount of damage we are carrying from youth.
an f-bi sent me the following tweet and asked me:

Would you?

and well…

morally bankrupt,
that is.
this tweet tho:


Would I what?

there are some wolves who did me wrong that i still hold resentment towards.
even though i’m supposed to be over them,
and working towards healing,
i still feel an animalistic lust towards them at times.
i’ll catch myself “getting off” to the thought of them,
but i’ll admit to feeling bad afterward.
in the moment tho,
it feels good.
i can admit:

If they came back in my life,
fully changed that I can see,
I’d see where it would go.

we all grown here and some questions i’d like answers to.
how that penis be is one of them.

the scenario in the tweet is weird because of the circumstances.
someone was shot at 5 years old and is now in a relationship with their shooter.
how old are these people?
why did the victim feel the need to find their shooter?
how did they even remember?

even though everyone involved is legal,
there feels like something is “wrong” with this scenario.

Am I the only one who thinks this is weird for some reason?

…or does it fall in line with forgiveness?
they teach us to forgive and forget and these two clearly have.
something is off tho.
it’s like when villains tormented characters on tv/movies,
but somehow they end up getting together for some booming romance we stan for.

we call it #couplegoals because the main message was about forgiveness.

Are these two?

lowkey: why did i think that was sam smith?

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “i fell in love with my shooter and now he shoots in me every night?”

  1. I get “Crazy Vibes” from both of these individuals. You fall in love with who you fall in love with ,but certain stories should remain silent. I would be embarrassed to tell anyone about this. Why are they sharing this??

    1. ^the retrograde is over starting today.
      this has been one of the worst retrogrades for me because i felt it heavy.
      we have 2 more weeks as it leaves,
      but things should get easier.

      i think this is why we are getting tweets like the following in the entry.

      1. Hmm, people were acting insane yesterday but seem to have some sense today. Maybe there’s something to this astrology stuff.

        This story lowkey annoys me. So I have to get shot to find love? BYE

  2. I’m not sure why people keep misinterpreting this tweet? I mean I guess it looks a little off , but he did not mean a romantic relationship in any way. Saying we are in relationship is an old way of saying there’s a rapport between the two of them that covers the past offense. He even clears this tweet up. So…?

  3. If it was an accident i don’t see the issue, romantic or platonic relationship. It’s not the same thing as rape, you don’t rape by accident. We don’t know the circumtances of the shooting, a toodler just shot his mama dead playing with a gun. Accidents happen. And it looks like it didn’t leave permanent damage so i can see the forgive and forget and even laugh about it years later.

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