eddie winslow is trending for another hyped lie by sidney starr?

who is the real ^dork in this picture?
i’ll give you a hint.
it certainly isn’t steve urkel these days.
i feel like the only time i hear about eddie winslow aka darius mccrary is who he is smashing.
i’m like do you do fan meet-ups or anything?
 there were claims he was an alleged power couple with trans she-jackal,
sidney starr,
according to “the shade room“…


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so what’s this:

he is trending on twitter about this as we font:

…so where there is a disconnect.
she may think they are an item and he doesn’t.
you know how some males are.

Do we care who Sidney Starr is dating?

i mean,
do we really care who eddie winslow is dating?

after how she admitted she lied about chingy,
i’m surprised she hasn’t been fully banished.


there has to be another beautiful trans-vixen sans triflin’ behavior out there to make pop.

lowkey: i swear i just saw her doing porn months ago on an onlyfans.
was it with him?
i’m confused.

Author: jamari fox

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3 thoughts on “eddie winslow is trending for another hyped lie by sidney starr?”

  1. After she lied about Chingy I wouldn’t take this news seriously. She’s a pretty girl but I wish she’d focus on being pretty & silent like other famous women

  2. This is why a lot people don’t like trans especially trans women/HeShe’s/shemales whatever you wanna call them. They don’t stay in their lane and they’re always causing drama. I don’t respect them nor will ever look at them as women, they are clowns with breast implants and wigs. They want to be real women so bad but they never will be no matter how many tragic surgeries they get.

  3. This “Sydney Starr” character is insufferable. Whenever you hear the name, it’s ALWAYS some mess. Like damn boo, level up at some point. This shit gets so old. Bye!!

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