jordan torres aka officialjt is letting the whole breasts out for business

 officialjt aka jordan torres has the best tits in the business.
that wolf’s tits are indeed legits.
they are the right kind of perk and plump that i need in my human body pillows.


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officialjt is a big deal in the land of the attentionistos.
everyone was begging for him to get an onlyfans.

You know if you are sexy,
then your next option is starting one.

your Gods listened and your dry mouths have been granted…

he is gonna be rich af.
he is allegedly charging 600 a pop for some of his drops.

i’ll be 100 wit you:

If he ever shows the meats,
it will kill all the mystery he has.

i like him as a cockteaser wolf tbh.
the type that knows how to keep us fiending without giving it all to us.
i’d rather him do a sex scene in a show like “insecure” than full-blown porn.
although i enjoy sex work when i need to get off,
is it becoming way too much these days?
“oh hi,
i have an onlyfans!”…
but on everyone?

anyhoo i’m sure he won’t go “full monty” on his onlyfans,
but if the economy takes a crash course to hell,
he just might.

i’ll pass on his onlyfans but maybe one day,
he will let me rub baby oil on his titties in person.

i’d love that very much.

lowkey: i hope he doesn’t get as annoying with this as grandy glaze.

check out jordan on onlyfans: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

25 thoughts on “jordan torres aka officialjt is letting the whole breasts out for business”

  1. “…i’ll pass on his onlyfans but maybe one day,
    he will let me rub baby oil on his titties in person..”

    My sentiments exactly lol

    1. Exactly, thank you! He is bland and basic as fuck. But you know these gays thirst over anyone white/white passing with steroids. This is one reason why I don’t like the gay community.

      1. How is he white passing¿ have you seen his normally hair¿ he can grow a fro. I don’t see him as white passing

  2. Am I the only one who doesn’t see the hype. He’ a fashion nova model with a gym membership. Like, whats the draw?? Why u so stuck on this dude?

    1. Because he’s white/white passing. Gay men have no taste so they thirst over the blandest losers ever just because of his boring bland skin tone. Gay/bi men really just disgust me honestly. I was gonna stay away from this but I had to KeepItABUCK and tell the truth on gross gay men are.

      1. He’s hot in the face, and has a great body. Not everything is colorism. Just. Because he’s bland to you doesn’t make him bland to others.
        Ps I am so over this light skin hate. Anytime you say you like someone that is light skinned, people rush to say, “it’s only because they are light skinned,” it’s so tiresome. Let people live.

          1. Exactly dark pheonix gay men are colorist. I know not everything is colorism but when it comes to gay men in particular they are very colorist (and racist) and in this circumstance what we’re witnessing with this jordan person is colorism because he’s not that fine, he’s got a bland face, boring personality and I’ve seen dudes with better bodies.

        1. I don’t have a problem with lightskin people, jordan just isn’t all that hot tbh. He’s inauthentic and boring. It’s the difference between sex appeal and just being a pretty face. If you wanna compare skin tone. Lets compare jordan to Dracke from Beefcake hunter. Both lighter skinned. jordan may have the better body but Dracke from beefcake hunter is SEXIER/EDGIER in vibe/aura.

          1. It’s kinda funny to me how it gets glossed over or dismissed when it’s so in your face. Ultimately, it’s a form of weakness that I don’t want to deal with in a potential date or FB.

  3. The Onlyfans official twitter account gave him a plug and shouted him out so I think he was under immense pressure to do this, he probably got a nice offer. Honestly it’s on brand for him also, his page on instagram consists of him doing all the cockteasing stuff for free. And no, he won’t be showing nudes or sex for those of you who are expecting that kind of stuff. He is a Fashion Nova ambassador & makes his money from them. I’m sure the moment he becomes a full blown adult actor then they will slowly distance themselves from him.

    Good luck to him, I’m sure he will make a lot of money.

    1. I had no idea he was that popular with almost half a million IG followers. I rarely ever see him talked about outside of some black spaces, IG and Twitter pages. I never seen him talked about or discussed outside of those spaces. Most latino pages I follow never post him. I wonder if he’s seen as black and that’s why? I digress.

      The OF page isn’t shocking cause he was messing with some white girl last year who has an OF page. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

      I’m not expecting much…

      1. No people definitely know that he is indigenous Latino. He is always letting people know that he is Puerto Rican, and his mother/brothers look like regular indigenous latinos. I know PR has a of swirly people but thats besides the point

        I remember the chick he was messing with.. It was some big booty Latina. I was surprised that he posted her on his page. I’m sure the sex was a sight to see.

        1. Puerto Rican is not a race and does not have a certain look. There are a lot of black people in Puerto Rico that are indigenous to the land and look like black Americans. That is my issue with people like Jordan and the ignorance they have about Puerto Rico, a place that literally translates to Rich Port. He is what you would call tri-racial or mixed in PR and most likely has more African blood than Taino. The Taínos, which included blacks, have long been wiped out out of Puerto Rico.

          A lot of “Puerto Ricans” that say they’re 100% PR as if it is a race, are ignorant. By saying so, they’re basically saying black and Asians can’t be Puerto Rican, which is untrue because Puerto Rican is an ethnicity and black people are the 3rd largest race group in Puerto Rico, white being the first and mixed being second. And that is why we have this modern day revisionist history with Latinos discovering their blackness and owning it.

          The girl I saw was a skinny white girl. I don’t know if he posted her on his page cause I don’t go on his page. Someone uploaded a video of him rubbing her feet with some Jergens on LPSG. Lol.

  4. 600….One thing I know is…..The DEVIL is a LIAR!!!! …And I truly believe so damn fool will pay that just to see him for 5 minutes….But I’ll be damned!!!

  5. I used to be obsessed with him until I saw a candid pic of him and realized dude is not that cute facially and photoshops his pics. Plus, he’s a tryhard. He gives me geek to chic vibes, lol. Go to gettyimages and see how he really looks. Now his body is gold, I will give him that. But without it, he’s much ado about nothing. there are so many hotter Latinos dudes I see on Twitter with a body that rivals his. I wouldn’t even play $20, so I damn sure ain’t playing $600. He is arrogant sad hell for that asking price. Girl, you ain’t even on Flashman Wade’s level as far as thirst trap popularity.

    Fashion Nova has pornstars working for them for the guy who said Fashion Nova will distance themselves. Fashion Nova is ghetto and only hires IG models. No real models are working for Fashion Nova. I was actually happy for Jordan when he started working for ASOS. I thought that was a step up.

    1. When I say PLAY, know that I’m using slang. I’m saying I wouldn’t play with my money betting on trash content.

  6. He had started working for ASOS in the last year and now he’s no longer on their website or the IG page! Awww. I knew he was too big for the fashion world.I feel like he’s doing this cause Fashion Nova is getting ready to chuck its male division.

    1. Right. You don’t have to like him but I’m not a hater. The man is attractive. And this is coming from somebody who does primarily like black men (before anybody accuses me of the otherwise)

  7. So…I still don’t get it. maybe because I have two sets of balls to play with any time I like, mine and my mans. And it’s for free…FREE.

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